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Ministry of Magic
Alfie Kent
Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
07 Dec 1976
5' 8"
PLAYER | Jeffrey
He couldn't say that he wasn't warned.

Alfie was always headstrong, reckless, and made snap decisions that generally got him into trouble. He didn't take advice, because he didn't need to. Or so he thought.

At school, being sorted into Gryffindor and being a muggleborn made him either 1) something special or 2) a loser. He couldn't keep track of the weird ass dynamics of all the houses.

He could, however, keep track of the fact that Slytherin purebloods were a bunch of uptight cocks who apparently hated his guts. He very consistently played pranks on them and tried his damnedest to make their lives at school absolute misery, since they were all a bunch of assholes to him and seemed to treat everyone like shit -- so why shouldn't they have a taste of their own medicine, right?

In particular, he enjoyed tormenting Nora Carroll, since she was a pureblood and a hot girl. Some of the others (in both Slytherin and Gryffindor) accused him of having a "thing" for her, which he didn't because she was awful have you even talked to her??? No way, man. Not in a million years.

And then I guess a million years passed.

Come their sixth year, he became very aware of the fact that he was into her. His attitude toward her outwardly shifted. He still tried to keep up the relentless bullying, but it almost seemed to be goodnatured -- at least to everyone else. Nora probably didn't even notice a difference, since she was so focused on herself. The details are kind of fuzzy on how they got together, but they did, and suddenly neither one of them cared what anyone thought of it. Which was definitely new, at least for Alfie.

Their seventh year at Hogwarts was bliss, and he even stopped bullying all the bullies, if only because he was too preoccupied snogging Nora. They were ~in love~ and so naturally they got married as soon as they could. It was definitely the best decision Alfie had ever made.

Well, no it wasn't. But he thought so, at the time.

It was less than a year later that the whole thing was over. His family and friends, instead of being comforting and sympathetic, took this opportunity to drop a truckload of I-told-you-sos on his head.

He was miserable. And then the MRC and the Second Wizarding War came about and he, after having a run-in with Snatchers, abandoned everything he knew and went to America, telling no one where he'd gone, and stayed for the next year or so, traveling the country, working odd jobs here and there, getting in touch with his muggle side, still trying to forget about Nora. Having been keeping tabs on the British Wizarding World, he returned when he heard that it was all over, and that Harry Potter bloke had saved the world. Good on him.

When Alfie returned to England, he immediately applied for a job in the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures Department at the Ministry of Magic. He'd always had a thing for creatures.


Maple, 9", phoenix feather

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1988-1995

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