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Carlos Vega
13 Nov 1966
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In the vast and chaotic Vega family, Carlos was never the brightest; never the funniest or kindest or most charismatic. He was a loudmouth and a bit of a bully, though he would maintain that such brutality was simply misread honesty. Even though he was the one named for their father, there was little they had in common - save for an ingrained sense of duty.

It would come to curse him in later years. He was fourteen when Carlos Snr was killed, and it changed everything. With Vale only returning home when he could no longer avoid it, Carlos found himself at the helm of the family. It was a position that ill-suited him, but he did his best. Merely dealing with their mother became his primary concern. She became strict, overbearing, resorted to beating them when they misbehaved - and sometimes, even when they didn't. She only ever hit him once; Carlos, the largest of the Vega children, had no qualms about returning the favour - and he was better at it.

Life, such as it was, settled into an uneasy pattern. He was grateful to be at school, away from the tense silences punctuated by screaming arguments; away from the eggshells they all walked on constantly. Carlos was a solid but uninspired student in most of his classes - a hard worker lacking in natural talent or inclination - but he excelled at dealing with magical creatures. He'd had plenty of practice wrangling his siblings by that point.

The provisions at Salem were inadequate for his desired studies, so for his OWL and NEWT years, Carlos switched to Hogwarts, where the Forbidden Forest offered no end of magical creatures to study and occasionally fight off. He returned to New York following his graduation, taking an entry-level job in Creatures at the American Ministry to help feed and clothe his siblings.

His girlfriend at the time fell pregnant. She didn't tell him at first - didn't tell him at all, until after she'd aborted their baby. He was angry, so angry, all the time. Her reasoning didn't make sense, and his better judgement was of no interest - it hurt, even though he hadn't thought to want a child, even though they were too young. Yet again, things for Carlos began to derail.

At eighteen, his younger brother was murdered. Tomas' death was his fault. Not directly, of course; Carlos wasn't the one that killed him, but he was the reason that his brother was in that alley in the first place. He always tried to do right by his siblings, always felt like he was losing the battle to keep them together and keep them a family. He wasn't good at dealing with people, generally resorting to heavy-handed threats to corral them, and Tomas was intractable, forever dragging Nico into trouble with the law. They fought, trading harsh, unforgivable words, and Tomas left.

It was the last time they ever saw him alive.

After that, the Vegas fragmented. Carlos withdrew into himself, became sullen and insular, no longer meddled in the lives of his remaining siblings. He got a job with the American Association for the Control of Magical Creatures and threw himself into his work, rising quickly through the ranks. He found it easier to deal with animals, particularly those that attempted to kill him on a regular basis, than people. Other than Tonito, Carlos was the last one to leave home. He still technically lived there, even when his occupation began to take him on travels around the world.

When the second war started, Carlos was drafted to the UK to lend a hand hunting werewolves and other dark creatures that Voldemort had gathered beneath his banner. It was a heady time, despite the danger of the regime. Carlos hadn't realised how much he needed to leave the house where he'd grown up and the shadows of his father's and brother's deaths. Once it was over and the country began to pick itself up out of the dust, Carlos found himself agreeing to stay. He became Beastmaster at the Ministry.

Some things, for Carlos, remain unchanged. He is still hot-headed, still unpleasantly honest, still prone to sulking. He and Vale still lock horns over every little thing when they have occasion to talk (though more often than not they avoid each other through the medium of their competing departments). He sees his sisters with slightly more frequency, but for the most part prefers to live his own life. And he still visits home religiously, checking on their mother, buying her groceries and fixing things in the house, trying to give her money she refuses to accept.

Carlos was killed in December 2002 by his reincarnated Horcrux brother, Tomas.
Stocky and heavily muscled, Carlos looks every inch the Beastmaster. He dresses for comfort in slouchy clothes and neutral colours. Because he runs quite hot, he almost never wears a jacket unless it's snowing.

Since Guillermo Castell's werewolf attack in early November 2001, Carlos' appearance has altered drastically. Four long furrows run down the left side of his face from his hairline to his jaw, splitting his lips. He has a magical eye, the iris of which is a bright and unnatural azure colour. There are puncture wounds in his right shoulder that go all the way through to his back, and his ability to use his right arm is somewhat compromised.


Carlos lives in a two-bedroom deluxe flat in the Ministry Mews that he shares with his daughter, Lina. Their place is a little messy, colourful and chaotic - filled with plants, photos, artwork, and sculptures from around the world. The furniture is a mixture of thrift shop and reclaimed items, all of which Carlos has restored himself. The most expensive things they have are a large tv (which they mostly use for watching Spanish-language telenovelas) and Carlos' modest vinyl record collection.

The smaller bedroom belongs to Lina, and the walls are covered with murals of creatures both magical and muggle. She has a set of bunk beds with a desk beneath, and a reading nook with a squashy sofa. Croqueta's bed and scratching post sit beneath her window.

Carlos sleeps in the master suite, though it is quite sparse, housing only a huge bed covered in pillows, and an armchair in the corner where he tends to sling his clothes.

The den is used as a combination office and gym, with a desk, small tv, and a set of weights.


Although Carlos technically has an office due to his rank, the room designated to him is used for infant creatures and generally has no less than two varieties of baby animals resident. There are several tanks and cages, washing and feeding stations, and a couple of squashy armchairs for when the creatures require overnight observation.

Carlos' desk is in the centre of the RCMC cubicle pen, recognisable by the large quantity of plants that colonise it. His walls are covered in photos of family, friends, and magical creatures taken all over the world. The surface of his desk is a bombsite, spilling over with paperwork, owl treats, dragonhide gloves, mugs, and general debris - though he can always seem to find exactly what he's looking for.

His chair is a rickety wooden stool, though he has several other padded office chairs for guests which are in better shape. An approachable and personable boss, he welcomes visitors to his office space for any reason, even if it's just to chat.



Oak, 13.75", Unicorn tail hair

Educational History

Ilvermorny, Thunderbird, 1977-1981

Face Claim

Tyler Hoechlin

Additional Notes

Attended Hogwarts, Gryffindor 1982-1984

Spirit Animal: Gorilla

Daughter: Carolina (Lina) Vega
Siblings: Vale, Tommy, Xara, Nico, Tony and Andres
Parents: Leticia and Carlos Snr (deceased)



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