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Freddy Bishop
Class of 1999-2006
16 Jul 1988
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For the first seven years of his life, Freddy lived a different life under a different name off in Romania. His mother, Liana, was a sheltered yet refined and privileged pureblood who valued nothing more than strength in men. She had been quite taken with his father, a charismatic man who taught her limits to her and turned her heart to steel. His name was Callum Bishop. Callum was a warrior through and through, and he had walked through fire to save them from their burning home in the 1989 revolution against the communist regime. At home was Freddy’s hero, and in England he was a war criminal.

His father would regularly leave, fighting some important underground war with his uncle, Gregor, a strong reliable man with a grave mien. Freddy didn’t quite understand it all, but he knew it was important. He had many of his honorary “aunts” and “uncles” who shared the same tattoo as his father. He had a younger sister, Phoebe, who he often played with and took care of.

When he turned six, some long-estranged uncle he had never heard of managed to find his entire family, and he brought reinforcements to capture them. In the confrontation, his mother was killed and his father apprehended and imprisoned in Azkaban. Freddy and Phoebe went into protective custody in London with a single foster mother.

He hated it. He fought with his foster mother. He mourned his real mother. He missed his father. He was furious at seeing his name dragged through the mud. And he grew increasingly protective of his little sister, who every day looked more and more like their late mother.

It was two years later when the Second War began and one of the mass breakouts from Azkaban occurred. His father came for them, of course, though he was a changed man and more easily gave over to fits of rage. When their foster mother returned home, his father seized her and locked her in the basement with him. He didn’t emerge until hours later, though from upstairs Freddy could hear his foster mom screaming and begging at first, then sobbing and finally quiet, given over to her fate.

Freddy acquired his scar over Christmas in 97. He wasn’t exactly sure how it happened. It must’ve been over something small. His house. His occasional flashes of weak sentimentality. The way he defended his sister, robbing her of the chance to become strong herself. Perhaps it had all been building up. The day after Christmas, he accidentally knocked over a glass of wine and shattered it on the table. For that, his father held his face against the fireplace.

It was Gregor who pulled his father away, and it was later that night that his father apologized tearfully to him.Since that day, Freddy has carried burn scars that covered one-third of his face and neck and turned his left ear into something resembling melted wax.

He wanted to forgive his father and turn things back to normal, but he truly didn’t until the war was over and his father was once again imprisoned in Azkaban.

When Freddy finally began Hogwarts, he was sorted into Hufflepuff. Freddy could never bring himself to disavow his family or their death eater ties, nor could he turn his back on his loyalty to his father, so he fit in poorly with the more liberal regime at the school following the war. Out of place in Hufflepuff, his house toxic to Slytherins, the Gryffindors all headstrong bullies and the Ravenclaws with their heads too far up their asses to notice him, he's an outsider at school, and he makes what few friends he has among other outsiders. The only reason he’s managed to avoid too much bullying is that, like his father, he has a very short fuse and a recklessness that approaches a death wish.

Freddy is prickly and standoffish on the outside with a wicked temper. Everything he feels, he feels deeply, which makes him act in extremes. Once deeply suicidal, he loves the rush of doing anything reckless and dangerous.
His most distinguishing feature is the disfiguring burn scar that covers part of the left side of his face. The skin is both wrinkled and strangely smooth there, devoid of hair follicles or pores, puckered and pinkish. The corner of his eye appears almost melted, and the cauterization extends down his neck as well as over his ear into his hairline, making his appearance more monstrous. His ear looks like a melted clump.

Aside from that, he has a tall, thin but athletic build and a serious case of resting murder face.

Spoiler: physical description notes show
Grooming: not fussy but likes to keep clean
Scars/Marks: left side of face & neck, into hairline, droops the corner of his eye, multiple minor scars from fights on his knuckles, cheek, and a few other places
Smells Like: faintly smells like whatever deodorant he happens to be using at the time, which he's still figuring out, so it probably changes. (it might even be AXE sometimes, GASP). He tends to gravitate more towards crisp smells like after a fresh rain. Sometimes smells like tobacco if he's been smoking
Eyes: cloudy, muddled blue
Voice: some words have a musical cadence, a hint of romanian, speaks romanian, english, some german and croatian
Handed: left


Freddy lives in his foster father, Reggie Malone's house. It's a rustic two story building that's utilitarian, clean, and a bit overrun with nature and weeds and the like. The house is reinforced with a paranoid number of wards and charms. The only Floo is communication only, so visitors must either fly, drive, or apparate just outside the no-apparition zone. The house is located in a rural area outside of London, concealed from muggles.

Spoiler: house show

Freddy's room is lined in the wood paneling that was popular several decades ago. Though there is often some clutter around the floor, he keeps it relatively clean and navigable.... mostly by throwing stuff on his desk or a nearby box. Those look like a bomb has gone off in them.

He has avoided decorating the room much because that would be like admitting it was home, but there are a few touches of his own he's added to it.

A large map of Europe is pinned to one of the walls, the names all written in Romanian.

Tacked to the wall around the window are several postcards with pictures of mountain landscapes on them, ranging from lush and green to snowy and desolate.

An old dartboard rests on the opposite wall from his bed, surrounded by a halo of holes in the wood paneling from missed shots. There is a flimsy basketball hoop several feet away from the dartboard.

A single large bookcase holds a range of old books, and an entire shelf is dedicated to holding his music collection. A stereo system with some impressive speakers sits next to the shelf.

He sleeps in a full sized bed with old, nautical print sheets that he did not choose for himself.


As mentioned earlier, his desk looks like a bomb went off on it. It's cluttered with tons of random junk, most of which has nothing to do with what he's working on--CD cases, dishes, magazines, a towel he was going to put in the hamper but then forgot to, etc.



Yew, 10", dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1999-2006

Face Claim

Bill Skarsgard

Additional Notes

Trail of Fire Plot

Spoiler: find what you love and let it kill you show

Sister = Phoebe Bishop
Father - Callum Bishop
Uncles - Gregor Bishop, Malcolm Bishop



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