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Elin Blake
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09 Sep 1976
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Elin's memories before the age of eleven are hazy and indistinct. She can't always tell the difference between the things that really happened, and those that she simply made up -- when she dares to think about her history, anyway.

Born in Germany to a Swedish father and German mother, Elin was the first of two girls. She doesn't remember her sister, two years younger, nor does she recall the day her mother drowned the baby in the bath, the investigation that followed, the doctors and the pills replacing judges and lawyers. She remembers her father calling her älskling and singing Ensam går jag här och vankar to send her to sleep. She remembers his funeral three years after that, and the itchy black and white dress she was made to wear that was two sizes too big. A car accident, they said. It seems anti-climactic to her now; back then, she refused to get in a car for months afterwards.

She remembers that there were no more songs. To this day, there are scars on her back and on her legs from a belt; Elin knows that her mother must have been the one to put them there, but she only recalls the silences punctuated by shrieks and trying to remain invisible in a house that was too small to contain all her mother's mental disorders.

It was Elin's seventh Christmas Eve when she was left in the Heilig Kreuz church in Biederitz, a tag around her neck with her details in her mother's neat handwriting. By the time they discovered her and took her home, the woman had already hung herself.

Her time at the children's home was nothing to speak of, and so she doesn't. Conditioned by fear of her mother, Elin was quiet and shy and easily bullied, too afraid of the world to fight back. Her burgeoning powers did it for her. Unaware that she was a witch, Elin assumed she was going insane when curious things started happening. They were innocuous at first, easily brushed aside by adults with little imagination -- but the day she pinned a warden to the ceiling was the first one she remembers clearly. A stern-faced woman turned up, informed her that in a few years she'd be getting a letter, an invitation to a new world.

Despite her doubts, Elin was indeed admitted to Durmstrang when she was eleven. She quickly learned that it was no less imperative to avoid drawing attention to herself there than it had been at the home; a mere four years after the first war, there were still enough blood purists around to make being muggleborn miserable.

Upon graduation, she moved to England and took a position with the Ministry. Elin had always had a sharp and curious mind, and her childhood had made her observant, sensitive to the slightest clues or changes in an environment. It was these traits that allowed her to rise quickly to the rank of Senior Investigator -- and to avoid much of the fallout of the second war. She joined the resistance early on, and hid in the muggle world as many of her compatriots did. With no living family to concern herself with, and very few friends, Elin was free to devote herself wholly to working against Voldemort's forces.

Of course, there were risks. Elin was never brave, not even by the standards of the resistance, and she took as few chances as she could -- but sometimes she had no choice about meeting skittish contacts in person, in places of their choosing, that weren't always entirely secure. That was how she ended up bitten by a werewolf during a rendezvous gone wrong. It was a new turn she knows now, a malnourished slip of a creature, which is the only reason she managed to fight it off and get out alive. If she's honest, being a werewolf hasn't changed her life as much as it might have before the war. She was allowed to return to her previous occupation, and as long as she has her work, Elin never considers herself to be alone.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: WEREWOLF

Werewolf Form: Standard
Werewolf Size: 5'3" & 107 lbs

Form & Size Elaboration: Elin has only been a werewolf for three years, and for all of that time, she's been taking Wolfsbane religiously. She holds onto her humanity with all her might, unable to accept her beast form or its implications. As a result, she is as scrawny and underdeveloped during the change as she is every other day of the month.


Elin is obsessive, focused, and introverted. She has autism spectrum disorder, non-diagnosed, with over-reactionary sensitivity to certain textures (labels in clothes, polyester, wool, latex, wood grain), foods, and sounds. Her emotional suppression and lack of understanding of basic social cues makes her difficult to get on with and occasionally, inadvertently, hilarious.

Neat and compact, Elin nevertheless has a solid physical presence. She tends to dress casually in leggings, flat boots and oversized sweaters or shirts, though she wears a large blazer over the top for work. Her messy blonde hair is unstyled, and she doesn't wear make-up, leaving her looking pale and drawn most of the time.

Her back and the backs of her legs from thigh to calf bear the marks of a belt, though those scars are quite faded. She also has a bite mark on the back of her neck hidden beneath her hair, from where she was attacked by a werewolf.


Elin owns a two-bed terraced house in a leafy suburb of Enfield, that she bought with the money she inherited from her parents. It is immaculately neat, almost sterile, and she never has visitors. Though she contemplated a pet, she decided that they were far too messy, and she was rarely there anyway.

As of December 2001, she has been a captive of Callum Bishop in the Hollows.


Despite the drab surroundings, Elin's cubicle was both beautiful and organised. She was stand-offish enough that the other MLE employees didn't really tease her for prettifying her office.

One month after her capture, her belongings were packed away and stored in a cupboard in the Investigator offices, and a year later, a plaque was unveiled, commending her service to the Ministry on the assumption that she had been killed in the Hollows.



Ebony, 11.5", Phoenix tail feather

Educational History

Durmstrang, 1987 - 1994

Face Claim

Kate Mara

Additional Notes

Spoiler: Facts About Elin show
Facts About Elin
1. She speaks with a German accent, and it is her mother tongue. Her English is stilted during conversation, but her written language is impeccable. She also speaks Swedish, some Danish, some Norwegian, and a little bit of Russian.
2. She is left-handed.
3. Her healing skills are fairly good as she took instruction in the practice after becoming a werewolf to ease the symptoms of her condition.
4. Though she has not studied it, Elin's Occlumency abilities are very strong due to her emotional suppression as a result of her disorder.



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