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Ministry of Magic
Istra Khang
Magical Law Enforcement
MLE Office Receptionist
24 Dec 1982
PLAYER | Maeby
Hailing from Alderley Edge, having been raised in a home on Whitebarn Road, Istra Khang has been held to impossible standards of perfection her entire life. Her father is among the hundreds of millionaires to inhabit Alderley Edge, esteemed for his sharp scientific mind and renown for his many accomplishments in the field of medicine and scientific advancement. Her mother, while carrying the duties expected of an aristocratic wife, also works in scientific research and development.

Born third and last, Istra grew up in constant comparison to her elder brother and sister. Everything was a competition, even as toddlers. Their parents turned even the most childish pursuits into learning opportunities, so that fun was synonymous with knowledge. At least, that was the general intent. For her siblings, it worked. For Istra? Not hardly.

While her siblings thrived in the competitive environment, Istra was often discouraged when her fun was dashed by her parents expecting more from her. She continuously fell short of expectations, and she became more and more familiar with her father's silent look of disappointment whenever she tried to showcase her more creative individuality. You see, she had no inclination toward the sciences.

When Istra received her letter from Hogwarts, her parents were in turns fascinated and appalled. They were a proper, respectable Asian family and they expected their children to pursue strong academic careers in the fields of science and/or medicine. Wizarading school was not in their game plan. They were exceedingly hard on Istra, demanding she achieve higher marks, make better acquaintances, seek more cultural pastimes--and now they were faced with the fact that their little girl simply wasn't going to fit the mould into which they had been trying to cram her.

With many reservations and stipulations, they had relinquished her to pursue this new path. For seven years, they calmly spoke to their colleagues about sending their youngest daughter to a boarding school better suited to her individual needs. For seven years, they corresponded with professors weekly to ensure that Istra was not only achieving top marks, but also taking extra courses and doing extra credit where possible. They would not allow her to slack in her academics. Additionally, she was to attend courses while home from school. Should she fail to keep up with all of her coursework, they told her that she would have to leave her magical education behind.

Exhausted to the point of mental break down, Istra somehow managed to survive her teenage years. She spent the year of the Battle of Hogwarts home, being tutored in order to keep up with all of her studies. She thought it pertinent that her parents know as little as possible about the war, as she knew that they would remove her from that world altogether if they were better informed.

Following her graduation from Hogwarts, Istra pursued a position within the Ministry. Avoiding any career paths in science or medical, she set her sights upon the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. She was surprised to find that she rather enjoyed being able to assist someone in power, rather than to serve with her intellect. She had the qualifications and aptitude to take the personal assistant position to the department head, and she took it knowing that she could never admit what she did to her parents. She enjoys the atmosphere found within the department, as it is such a far cry from anything she has ever been exposed to before. It breeds a wild side within her, one that rarely had chance to peek out while she was so bogged down with academia. The longer she spends within her role, the more confident she becomes that this is exactly where she wants to be.

That said, she will spend hours telling her family all about her position as Healer at St. Mungo's Hospital--a place she has actually never even visited.
Istra is incredibly smart, but she chooses to keep her sharp intellect to herself these days. She is more interested in fashion than science. She knows her parents would only approve of her dating a suitable Asian, preferably Thai or Hmong, but she can't bring herself to be attracted to anyone that would find her parents' approval. She is, in her own way, rebelling against her upbringing. She can be rather wild at times, and cannot hold her drink for anything. She doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, except her parents.

Istra is not a kind person. She has a nasty habit of holding people to impossible standards, just as she has been held to the same. She is a bit of a perfectionist, and has no tolerance for slothfulness. There are times she can be ridiculously shallow or callous, tossing insults without filter. She is aware that she is smarter than you, and doesn't feel the need to respect anyone who doesn't demand it of her. She comes off as being a spoiled snob, and while she certainly hasn't had a rosy life, she has wanted for nothing and has never known what it is to be without support.

To her friends and allies, she is warm and affectionate. Istra is a very intimate individual. She is prone to touching and hugging those she admires, be they friends or companions. She isn't shy in any way, though she can grow quiet when she is unhappy with a situation or a person.






Educational History

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1993-2000

Face Claim

Brenda Song

Additional Notes

Istra has been playing the violin since the age of five, and continues to practice in her spare time, as she genuinely enjoys playing the instrument.



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