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Laura Crumble
Wizard Waffles
10 Mar 1970
PLAYER | Winter
Laura Crumble is thirty-one. She is unmarried, with blond hair and wide, brown eyes. She is at average height, maintains an average weight, and doesn't stand out to the average person. Her current hair color is deep brown, and her eyes are green with a glamouring charm. Her skin is very pale. Laura works an ordinary job, being a waitress at WizardWaffles. She lives in London, not far from Diagon Alley, in a flat that she shares with her brother. Their mother, Yvette raised them on her own, and they have two different fathers. Laura's left before she was two. A few years later, her brother Ezra was born. They are pretty close, always teaming up for whatever task they needed to perform. Whether it was going to the park, liberating a few quid out their mother's purse to keep the lights on, or learn to cook while Yvette was out in the dingy pool halls, trying her best to forget that she had two small children.

During the war, Laura helped as much as she could, which was by doing nothing, since she had to work. So, when the war was over, and every subject on the Wizarding Wireless and in the Prophet was pertaining to the heroes of the Second Wizarding War, she paid attention, wondering what those who fought possessed that Laura could try to mimic. It started out easily enough--she volunteered her time at St. Mungo's, she helped in the rebuilding efforts at Hogwarts--but there was still more that people could do.

Laura read a poignant article about Xiomara Vega in the Daily Prophet, listing all her accolades and help with the resistance effort. The wizarding photograph of Xara was cut out and stuck to the wall beside Laura's bed. The article was read so many times, that the paper became thin and the ink blurred. Laura wanted to be just like Xara--pretty, famous, and heroic. As time went by, she began to fixate on Xara…not trying to merely have the same attributes, but Laura wanted to be Xara. She dyed her hair, glamoured her eyes, scratched out the letter u in her name tag at work and went by 'Lara'. She studied the spanish language, and has even popped up at the same places, studying her mannerisms, habits--everything. She even plucked up the courage to go up to her once, but Xara was meeting another person. Laura couldn't understand why Xara wanted to hang out with other people, when they were best friends. Xara was the only person in the world, other than Ezra, that Laura cared about. She was certain that Xara felt the same way, it was probably that she was scared or shy.

Laura knew that they would be together one day, it was only a matter of time.


Maple, 8 inches, harpy heartstring core

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1981-1987

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Winona Ryder

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