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Ministry of Magic
Matilda Sideways
Ministry Munchies Cafe
Sandwich Trolley Girl
27 Aug 1982
Despite her unfortunate name, Matilda Sideways, or Maddy (as she preferred to be called) has lead a happy and uneventful life. She was born into magic family, although Maddy had no idea of this at the time. Her father, a pureblood wizard named Eddie fell in love with and eventually married a muggle woman named Marie. Worried she wouldn't accept him is she knew the truth of his 'peculiar' skill set, Eddie gave up magic and lived as a muggle with her on the Irish countryside. It wasn't so bad, actually, turns out he rather enjoyed their secluded little farm with its sheep and soon the couple was blessed with two children, first a boy and then a girl, who they named Bernard and Matilda.

Life was grand and perfectly normal for Maddy, she had a loving family and a dog named Mandy. Then one day an owl showed up for her brother Benny. Quite into his role as Mr Muggle, Eddie had forgotten about that whole Hogwarts business, and there was a lot of yelling in the Sideways household that day and in the weeks that followed. Maddy didn't understand why mummy was so mad, but eventually things calmed back down and Benny went off to the special school and wrote back with the most amazing stories.

Once in school, Maddy's life became a pleasant cycle of learning magic during part of the year and playing with her dog Mandy during the other. It was obvious early on that Maddy would never win the title of the brightest witch in her class, but she was quick to smile and laugh, and most people found her pleasant to be around. And anyone who didn't had her brother Benny to answer to. Even the horrors of the second war didn't really effect her. Sure, there was that unpleasantness when those really mean teachers were around, but that passed quickly enough and her older brother protected her from the worst of it.

The end of her years at Hogwarts went out with a whimper rather than a bang; Maddy only barely managed to scrape by with one NEWT, which wasn't enough to get her any kind of decent job. Well that and the fact that it became apparent early on in interviews that she wasn't the brightest lumos in the spellbook. But she did make a damn fine ham sandwich and coupled with her outgoing and friendly demeanor, landed her a job at the Ministry Muchies Cafe. Seeing as she was far more friendly than some of the other workers there, Maddy was assigned to take the sandwich trolley around to the various offices, which she like just fine, since she gets to meet all these great people!


Maddy's "office" is on wheels and she makes her daily rounds through the halls and offices spaces of the Ministry of Magic headquarters pushing her sandwich trolley, smiling at everyone she sees and trying very hard not to run into people's ankles. She's not always successful in that last part.

On the trolley there are an assortment of baskets that separate the different items. The baskets aren't for looks (well, they're not only for looks,) they're spelled to keep things hot or cold, whichever is appropriate. Inside the baskets, items stacked and lined up prettily to make them seem visible and appealing.

The largest basket on the top shelf holds sandwiches of various sizes and thicknesses, all wrapped in unmarked wax paper. The smaller baskets and sections hold bags of crisps, pastries, and fruit, as well as bottles of pumpkin juice, butterbeer, and tea. In the colder months she also has soup.

A small slate chalkboard hung on the front, listing the sandwiches and completely outrageous prices in swirly but legible script, along with a few flowers for accents. These specials change daily.



Hazel, 8", dragon heartstring

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1993 - 2000

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Christina Schmidt

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