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Ministry of Magic
Algernon Evander
Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Department Head
28 Mar 1955
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Algernon was born into a family of scholars. His father studied ancient magical history and his mother was an expert in theoretical potions. Neither frequently utilized practical magic. His mother's knowledge was so that she rarely needed to actually brew a potion to know what the particular ingredients would do once combined, and his father regarded the ancient Greek wizards with such reverence that the thought of recreating one of their spells was tantamount to sacrilege.

These examples influenced Algernon's learning style early on. He read every available book cover to cover, and remembered them with an almost photographic accuracy, but he was not much of a hands-on learner.

At Hogwarts, Algernon was sorted into Ravenclaw and he continued the same habits. He consistently received perfect or near-perfect marks on all written exams, but exhibited only mediocre performances in practicals. Nonetheless, the incessant bookworm graduated with fairly good marks.

Algernon never specialized in any one subject while at Hogwarts, and he didn't think much during his school years about what he would do afterwards. During his seventh year, a professor mentioned that he might look into a job at the Ministry (at the time, Algernon didn't realize that this was a dig at Ministry workers as talking big but useless in real-world situations).

To his parents' surprise, Algernon took the suggestion and applied for an internship. His family was worried about him taking a government job during the war, but they received assurances from the Ministry that everything would be sorted out quickly. Of course, it wasn't, but Algernon still started work right after graduation. The hiring department complimented him on being well-rounded, but Algernon soon learned that was a euphemism for his lack of exceptional ability in any one area; though his assignment as intern in the minister's office sounded prestigious, as far as internships go, he found himself running errands for the most junior officer in the division. He barely saw anyone else in the department and learned nothing about its inner workings except for his boss's lunch order. When he began to have conflict with his boss, he was transferred.

The Centaur Liaison Office was Algernon's next stop in the Ministry of Magic. Even this early on in his career, he knew that the Centaur Office was a death sentence. He was likely to be sacked, forgotten about, or even killed--he was sure that if he ever got so far as to meet a centaur, he would somehow manage to incite it to violence. But the people in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures were much friendlier than those Algernon had encountered thus far (as long as he stayed away from the disposal office). After a few months of stumbling, but managing not to muck it up as badly as he had thought he would, the head of the office took pity on Algernon and suggested that someone with his "sensitive nature" would do better in the Spirit Division.

The Head of the Centaur Liaison Office was right (not a statement that is often heard in the Ministry). Algernon quickly found that his encyclopedic knowledge of history, thanks to his father's teaching and his own prodigious reading, allowed him to quickly make connections with the dead. Through conversations with ghosts about their histories and deaths, he was able not only to gather valuable information for the Ministry, but to hone his ability to connect with people (or, in this case, former people). After his internship ended, he gratefully accepted a paid job in the department and continued his work with spirits. A few years in, a nasty experience with a poltergeist left him sure that if he lived through that, he needn't fear any manticore or acromantula. Or, at least, not any creature safe enough to be brought into the Ministry offices. Algernon began to assist with the research of his colleagues in the being and beast divisions, while still rising in the ranks of the spirit division. He was happy to gain the hands-on knowledge and experience that he had managed to avoid all his life, and eager to participate in any experiments or observations that he could. Dangerous beasts were being used as often as possible during the still-raging First War, and Algernon was among those in his department campaigning for their rights and insisting that their side not take to utilizing any creature that could not agree to it. He also observed, then assisted in, negotiations with goblins, hags, and other so-called dark beings who might be convinced to help the Ministry.

In the meantime, he met and married a muggle woman who worked in London nearby the Ministry. It was short-lived. She felt he worked too hard, and though she claimed to be fine with the fact that he was a wizard, she was never comfortable with his line of work. When a poltergeist (not even a really bad one, Algernon insisted) followed him to their home and haunted it for months, she was so disturbed by it, and by Algernon's association with such things, that it led to their divorce. The poltergeist left shortly after she did. Algernon thought it must have come to break up his marriage, but he never found out why.

After twelve years at the Ministry, Algernon was head of the spirit division, and after twenty he was head of the entire department. His appointment was controversial, since most former heads of the department had been from the beast division, and since the department had never placed much precedence on the spirit division. But Algernon assured them that this new direction was just what the department needed, and, besides, his well-roundedness was now the truth.

Shortly after Algernon's rise to Head of the department, the Second Wizarding War began. He quickly began to arrange for meetings with as many goblins and werewolves as possible, aware that both had been hard to sway once under the Dark Lord's influence the previous time. Thanks to Algernon's leadership, members of his department were able to convince many goblins before the Death Eaters had a chance. While they were less successful with werewolves, a few particular members of that category became indispensable to the effort, and invaluable information about them was obtained.

After the Ministry takeover by Death Eaters, Algernon was told his position was secure as long as he released a statement on the categories of Being and Beast, with wizards as the only members of the former class and the rightful masters over all beasts, especially the newly-classified muggles. Algernon refused, but when he was threatened with Azkaban, he lied and said he would work on it. Instead, he worked on a plan to safely go on the run with a few other targeted members of his department. The power that drew spirits to him held true even on the run, and he encountered many ghosts both ancient and distressingly new. The diaries he kept of his experiences with the war's many ghosts proved an important resource when he was reinstated to his post at the war's end.

Now approaching thirty years in the Ministry, Algernon is still in essence the same person he was when he walked through the doors at seventeen. Though they are no longer his primary resource, he still loves his books. He is still soft-spoken, fastidious, and serious, despite the many boisterous personalities with which he found himself competing in the Magical Creatures Department. He is not what most people would expect for the head of such a department. He doesn't look like a man who spends much time around animals--too clean, too well-groomed. He doesn't look like the sort of man who could negotiate with a goblin or calm down an angry poltergeist--he looks too timid, not at all assertive. Nor does he seem like the type who could unite the divisions of beast, being, and spirit. But he is all of these things. He does it all in his incongruously tidy office on level four.





Larch, Unicorn Hair, 12 1/4 inches

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1966-1973

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Anthony Head

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