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Leticia Vega
31 Oct 1946
Squib. It's such a dirty word.

Born to Pureblood Spanish natives, Letica was raised with the knowledge that being a Jimenez meant power, prestige and responsibility. Because she was the first born, everything that the Jimenez's hoped for their legacy rested on her shoulders. It would become a burden she would never be able to bear.

The first time Leticia suspected that anything was wrong with her was when she overheard a private conversation in which her parents were discussing her lack of magical ability. Her younger brother, only five at that point, had already been demonstrating his aptitude for magic on a regular basis.

She only understood her true failure as a Jimenez when she didn't receive her invitation to school and was instead enrolled in a prestigious muggle academy hundreds of miles away from her family. She watched in angry silence as she dropped from first in the eyes of her parents to little more than nothing.

Letica was a squib - worse than a muggle in the eyes of the elite wizarding community. Vicious rumors ran rampant and in order to do damage control, the Jimenezs avoided talking of their eldest altogether. It was almost as if she ceased to exist.

Leticia became a bitter and determined young woman. She refused to be hidden away in the shadows, to forever be a black mark on the Jimenez name. At twelve, she began to save up her money and bide her time for her eventual escape from her proverbial bondage.

At sixteen, she boarded a plane to the United States - the land of dreams. She imagined a life of grandeur. Perhaps she would become a famous actress or a model. Maybe she would rise again in the eyes of the elite.

Her rise to stardom would never come, but she didn't mind. It was shortly after her arrival in New York that she met and fell in love with a muggle police officer named Carlos Vega. It was through him that she learned to accept herself as she was and for the first time in her relatively short life, she was truly happy.

That happiness was short lived. Her six children were young when Carlos died. It was a violent death and would rob her of almost all the good in her life. Her security and support was gone. She was left alone to raise and support her children, whom as if to punctuate her failure as a witch, were all showing magical capacity. It was a task that would prove too much for her.

A shell of the woman she once was, it was all she had to keep her children fed and clothed. She reverted to the basest form of herself and her children suffered for it. She would always look back on those early years with a great deal of shame.

Then one by one, her children abandoned her. Either by death or by choice. Each a slight that she would not easily forgive. Only Xara and her youngest, Tony, would leave her in any kind of good standing.

The isolation proved good for her. She completed an education for the first time in her life and became a paralegal, specializing in English law so as to help her children if ever the time came. The time away from them allowed her to realize and atone for her sins. And now, she is determined to get them back, if it's the last thing she does.

Educational History

Colegio Aleman Alberto Durero, 1954-1962

Face Claim

Madeline Stowe

Additional Notes

Spirit Animal: Bear



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