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Ministry of Magic
Gwyndolyn Rivers
Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Dragon Research and Restraint Senior Officer
12 May 1973
PLAYER | Charity
Even as a child Gwyndolyn was bubbly and precocious. Always laughing and trying to make the others in their co-op smile. It didn't matter if the sun was shining or the rain clouds were pouring down, she'd find something beautiful and make sure to share it with everyone. There was no room in her world for pessimisim or sadness, because there was always a silver-lining. Growing up in a village style co-op in Northern California, Gwendolyn Sunset Rivers was clearly different than your average child. She was raised by the whole village, not just her "blood parents" who preferred to be called Star and Jumping Fox. They didn't have the standard 2.5 kids a dog with a picket fence, instead Gwen had rolling orchards and the farm filled a wholesome life only a child of hippies could understand. There was limited electricity and most their life was what they could raise or make. Each person had a different job and the children were treated as if they were already members of the community from a young age. Gwen was often curious running through the fields and trying to figure out how things worked and why they lived the way they did. She was home schooled (or unschooled) as her elders preferred to call it until her 11th birthday when an owl arrived explaining that she had been accepted to Ravenwood Academy of Wizardry.

At first her blood parents were too confused to understand the realness of the situation but as a few days settled in they realized that this was just what their child needed and encouraged her to go. Gwynnie took to the Wizarding World with easy. Her magic was mischievous and fun yet loving, almost as if her lack of worldly interactions had let it grow on its own. It was no surprise that she excelled in her classes involving herbology and magical creatures. Her parents did keep her from explaining too much if any about the Wizarding World to the others, using the guise of sending her to visit relatives in Virginia to explain why she was gone for long stretches of time.

There were whispers at Ravenwood about what was going on overseas but most of it she kept her nose out of. Focusing more on the animals and finding a fascination in dragons. Though there were none in the US she fell in love with the beasts, reading every books she could find, and eventually after graduating applying to the Ministry of Magic in the US to travel and help on their Dragon Restraint and Regulation committee and being assigned to work with the McFusty tribe in Scotland. From there it was traveling the world to different dragon sanctuaries and learning all she could. Now though she's realizing she needs a bit more stability in her life and has transferred to the UK Ministry of Magic to work more with the Regulation and Restraint of dragons, hoping to eventually rise the the lead position.


Alder, 12 inches, Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

Ravenwood Academy of Wizardry, 1984-1991

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Rachel Bilson

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