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Ministry of Magic
Daphne Greengrass [Maeby]
St. Mungo's On-Site Clinic
23 Sep 1980
5' 3"
PLAYER | Maeby
Blessed with beauty, Daphne was never expected to pursue academia. She learned from a very young age that proper use of her big eyes and perfect lips could take her farther than anything else ever would. She was the golden-haired princess every mother dreamed of having; of dressing in beautiful things and teaching how to become a lady. She was daddy's little angel, and there was nothing that the man could deny her when she turned those wide eyes on him.

Using one's appearance to acquire things was a skill Daphne hoped she had passed along to her younger sister, who she had fallen in love with from the very moment her mother had told her she was getting a little sister for her birthday.

At Hogwarts, Daphne easily fell in with the right crowd. She had an allure about her which was hard to deny, though no one quite knew what it was. Her beauty, along with her impeccable lineage, allowed her to coast through the first few years of her education--at least socially. Academically, she struggled. No matter how hard she studied, things simply didn't click for Daphne as they did for others. At first, she grew frustrated with herself for not performing better. Soon, however, she found ways around her imperfections. She batted her lashes at the smart boys and they made her low marks begin to climb.

During her seventh year at Hogwarts, Daphne received her first real reality check. It had been surprisingly easy for her to carry on with life as normal in spite of all that was happening in the Wizarding World until she was being told that she wasn't to attend the final year of her education. She and her sister would stay home, where they would be safe. She was confused. In ways, she remains confused about what happened that year. She often brings it up, asking what did happen that made mother take her out of school. People tend to ignore her, thinking she is being purposefully dimwitted or telling her that she doesn't want to know. But she does. She does want to know. Or, at least, she thinks that she does sometimes.

Following her completion of school, Daphne sought a career as a MediWitch. She had always admired their uniforms, and she knew that she could brighten anyone's day while wearing such an outfit. It seemed, to her, the perfect fit! No other professions had nearly as nice uniforms. Unfortunately, she did not have the necessary qualifications. A mixture of her own charm and her father's good name acquired her the position of Welcomewitch at St. Mungo's On-Site Clinic at the Ministry of Magic. Daphne is extremely happy there now that she sees that MediWitches do all kinds of gross things besides looking nice.
Airy. Daphne is a pretty nice girl, unless she's mean. She is honest, saying whatever comes to mind without thinking about it before it slip through her pouty lips.

She loves. Daphne loves people. She is extremely affectionate and giving, and especially latches onto the person currently giving her attention. She is an 'out of sight, out of mind' individual, who tends to forget a person if they aren't around.


Hawthorne, 9¾", Unicorn Hair

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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1991-1998

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Amanda Seyfried

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