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Ministry of Magic
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Minister for Magic
08 Jan 1948
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Kingsley Shacklebolt: b.1948 to Yasmin and Pasha Shacklebolt, known Muggle sympathizers. Siblings: Lionel Shacklebolt b 1941 and Arturo Shacklebolt b. 1946. Attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, House Hufflepuff, graduating class 1965. Quidditch team position: Keeper. Described by peers as optimistic, laidback, popular, funny. Recorded nickname: “Zingsley.”

Entered Auror training, 1965. Married muggle-born Cecelia Thistlewick, from same graduating class, 1968. Completed Auror training, 1968. Began assignments in First Wizarding War, 1970.

Liam Shacklebolt, nephew, d. 1964-1970. Lionel Shacklebolt, d. 1941-1970. Cecelia Thistlewick, d. 1948-1970. Pregnant, 7 months. Aurora Shacklebolt, d. 1915-1973. Pasha Shacklebolt, d. 1912-1975. Arturo Shacklebolt, d. 1946-1975.

Lionel Donovan, son, b. 1982. Mother: Hannah Donovan, b 1951. Kingsley Shacklebolt and Hannah Donovan married 1983. Yasmin Shacklebolt, daughter, b. 1984. Divorced, 1987. Hannah Shacklebolt married Miles Morrowood, 1987. Regular visitation rites granted.

Second Wizarding War began, 1995. Advance Guard for Harry Potter, 1995. Battle of the Department of Mysteries, 1996. Bodyguard for the Muggle Prime Minister, 1996. Battle of Hogwarts, 1998. Named as acting Minister for Magic, 1998.

Canon RP Sample

The Bureau for Upkeeping Ministry Morale had sent out memos to everyone, inviting them to the after-work ice cream social. They had rearranged the Atrium and decorated it with colorful streamers. A grand assortment of ice cream flavors, all in large, frosty tubs, had been set out on two tables, and a third table held nearly every topping imaginable. Rainbow sprinkles floated overhead so that all one needed to do for sprinkles was to raise their cone in the air.

Kingsley arrived to the event fashionably late, though not out of conceit for any fashion, but due to a troubling meeting regarding a spate of recent dementor sightings. However no visible sign of worry lined his face or detracted from the serene, half smile at the corner of his lips. Tall and stately, he proceeded to the ice cream table.

He fixed himself a waffle cone piled with a single scoop of vanilla almond fudge, topped with caramel and coconut. While there, he bumped into Beatrice Honeypotts, one of the members of BUMM who had organized this shindig, and in his steady, reassuring baritone, he congratulated her with the slightest raise of his brows, “Great event.”

“Oh, thank you! I was really just winging the whole thing, but I couldn’t bee happier with the results!” Beatrice gushed.

He laughed politely, with an avuncular quality. “It looks like plenty of others are happy with the results as well,” he tilted his head toward a couple of unpaid interns leaping through the air, open-mouthed, to feed on the floating rainbow sprinkles like whales collecting krill.

He excused himself and stepped away from the table. As he turned around, he bumped into someone with a crunch. Their ice cream cone had gotten caught between the two of them, and when Kingsley pulled away there was a circle of cold, wet ice cream goop in the middle of his chest.


Cedar, 14 inches, dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1959-1966

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Giancarlo Esposito

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