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Ministry of Magic
Holden McKay
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Patent Clerk
13 Nov 1979
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Holden was born into a pureblood family. One of those pureblood families that takes that fact really seriously. For a long time, he didn't know there was anything strange about the way they acted. He didn't like that his older sister was treated with disdain for not being sorted into Slytherin, or that his parents would treat the occasional muggle they saw as though they were invisible.

Once he was at Hogwarts, he realized it was all wrong. He had a group of "friends"--really the children of his parents' friends. Perhaps friends still wasn't the right word. Holden hung out with the children of those pureblood witches and wizards that his parents deemed acceptable and, for a while, he just went along with it. He only slowly realized how horrible these people were to anyone they arbitrarily deemed lesser. He spent less and less time with them as he became more and more disgusted by their behavior. Luckily for his image, his incredible shyness was taken as arrogance, a sense that he was too good for everyone else. Most people found him mysterious, and some feared him. That was good. It was the only way he could be sure they wouldn't turn on him.

After his older sister's seventh year at Hogwarts, she never came home. At first, he didn't know why. Then the McKays subtly began referring to Holden as their eldest child, their heir, and he knew his sister had been unceremoniously disowned for some imagined transgression. He began to hate his parents, and everything they stood for. He tried to get away from them and anything that reminded him of them. He began taking walks away from their home during the holidays, and in the summer before his seventh year, he stumbled upon a nearby muggle village.

Everything changed.

Enna Keane knew right away that he was a wizard. And she was a witch herself. Not by his parents' standards--a muggleborn. But she was not what he had heard. She was wonderful. Even her non-magical family was wonderful. He couldn't help but keep seeing her--sneaking around all summer avoiding his family, then all year at school avoiding his classmates. He thought it would all be over after he graduated, but it had just begun.

When the war began, he knew Enna wouldn't be safe. He left his family, without telling them where he was going, and went on the run with Enna and her parents. They sailed around on Enna's father's fishing boat, stopping whenever they could but moving around often.

When the war was over, Enna and Holden settled in London. While they would miss Enna's family, they certainly didn't want to be near Holden's. It was also the ideal location for them to begin working. Both took jobs at the ministry as soon as possible. Holden, of course, found the job that allowed for the least human interaction possible. But Enna told him that there was a famous muggle who came up with some sort of important magic-substitute while working in a patent office (at least that's how he understood it), so Holden figures something good will probably come of it.
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Rowan, Dragon Heartstring, 10 inches

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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1990-1997

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Parker Young

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