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Ministry of Magic
Constance Keller
Department of Mysteries
Assistant Head
03 Apr 1958
5' 7"
PLAYER | Maeby
Professor Leonard Keller was an academic first, and a wizard second. After completing his education at Hogwarts, he went on to receive his Masters degree from St. Andrews University in Scotland. It was there that he met his wife, and with her that he began his family. Violet Ashburn was an American witch, having attended the Salem Witch's Institute, and had been on holiday in St. Andrews when she met her husband.

Constance's father was her role model. He was an Unspeakable for the entirety of her life, and an active member of the Order of the Phoenix. She was a naturally sharp student, and her father was a patient teacher who would quiz her at the dinner table and allow her to shadow him in his personal studies and experiments, which he conducted inside of their home. He encouraged her to embrace her curiosity, never to shrink from a challenge, and to seek endless possibilities.

In 1978, Leonard was killed in a work-related incident, the details of which were never disclosed. Constance had risen from Intern (1975-1976) to Unmentionable only two years previous, and the loss of her father shook her to her core. She had not joined the Order per her mother's behest, but following the loss of her beloved father, Constance saw no other option than to take up his fight. She saw to it that her mother was safely transported to the States, where she lived with Constance's elder sister and her family until she passed away in 1989.

In 1982, Constance underwent the trials to become an Unspeakable. For the next fourteen years, Constance worked as an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries. Though she did have relationships along the way, her work ultimately became her first true love. When the Assistant Department Head died of old age in 1996, she was the obvious choice for a promotion. The first time the position was offered to her, Constance turned down the role. She felt that she still had much to learn, and that she was too distracted by the turmoil of the war and her involvement in the Order of the Phoenix to do such an important title its due justice.

During the war, Constance devoted herself to the Order. She put her intelligence, creativity, and dedication at the Order's disposal. When approached by the Death Eaters to join their cause, Constance left her answer open-ended until she could decide how best to use their interest to the Order's benefit. After discussing the opportunity to work as a Double Agent with the highest ranking Member of the Order, it was concluded that she should decline the offer. They currently had a Double Agent at play, one which had stronger roots and deeper connections (though she had no idea who among them this was), and she was of better use doing things to which she was more naturally suited. Not having an aptitude for deception, they feared she would be easily discovered.

The Death Eaters never followed up on their offer. Shortly thereafter, there was a break-in in the Department of Mysteries.

In 1998, after the fall of Voldemort, Constance finally accepted the role of Assistant Head. The induction into this position was preceded with many trials. Following the war, with so many claiming to have been under the Imperius Curse and so much disarray within the Ministry, Constance was asked to be questioned under Veritaserum. Passing the examination, she finally stepped into her new role and has flourished there ever since.
Constance has always been a highly intelligent individual. She knows the proper way to conduct herself in any given situation, but prefers to lighten otherwise serious situations with witty retorts and a keen sense of humor. While she has the ability to be serious and certainly knows the measure of danger with which she works, she believes that even Unspeakables need to smile at least once a day.


Walnut - 8¾" - Unicorn Hair

Educational History

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1969-1975

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Alex Kingston

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