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Tomas Vega
15 Mar 1968
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Tommy was born to a Spanish squib and Puerto Rican muggle, a large and tight-knit family--extremely loving and loud. He was late to show magic, and for a long time he was thought to be a squib. The lack of anything magical about him made him closer to his father, and his wasn’t until his father died when he was twelve that he began to show the abilities.

He went to Salem Witches’ Institute and was in the same grade level as Xara on account of him being a late bloomer. He took to magic quickly and with an undisciplined force; control and magnitude were issues for him, in terms of his magic. However, he did far better than anyone expected him to, and within several years he managed to catch up to the other students. At this time, his magic began to lull and even out, as if it had merely passed through an awkward teenage phase,

At first, his obsession was with healing, but he possessed no talent for it. Then, it moved on to dueling and herbology, though he typically found it more satisfying to break someone’s nose with his fist. He was fascinated by wizard history and anything that covered where spells originated and how they were created.

He got into a lot of trouble at school--copping an attitude, fighting, drugs. His little sister Nico was always his partner in crime, which at first he found annoying, but later she proved useful for hiding drugs in a bind. After several long suspensions, he was looking at expulsion from school, something that never came to pass--because he died first.

It was after a particularly long and venomous fight with his siblings that he stormed out of the house, saying that he’d never come back to his family. Several days later, he was stabbed to death in the alley out behind the shop their family owned, not twenty feet from where his dad had died less than five years before.

Only he didn’t die. There were a lot of things one could fake, given enough magical know-how, and finding a body to take his place had been tricky, but he managed to do it with the help of his girlfriend, Petra--the daughter of some fairly nasty wizarding folk. She wanted nothing more to escape her family. At the time, he wanted nothing more than to escape his, and he was stupidly, madly in love with her. So, they faked their deaths and ran away.

It wasn’t long after that Petra turned to the authorities, ratting out her parents and their collaborators for the crimes they had committed. Now legal adults, the teenagers entered witness protection together. It wasn’t long after this that Tomas came to regret his decision to leave his family, but once under the protection program, there was no going back.

Eventually, Tomas and Petra settled in Andorra under new names and had a child together. He had a new family now. He got a job as a hitwizard in the Andorran Ministry of Magic and when the war was leaning towards Voldemort winning, both he and Petra did what they could to fight against him covertly.

Finally, after the war, with many of Petra’s old enemies dead and scattered, they officially came out of the protection program and resumed their old names. When new jobs opened up in the London Ministry, they moved there so that Petra could take a senior obliviator position. Tomas, who was still on a job in Andorra, stayed behind. It wasn’t until recently that his transfer finally went through, and he came to London to join his family.

At least, that’s the story he wanted everyone to believe.

It was Petra who truly saved his life that day. Somehow, she had discovered what he was fated to, and from there it wasn’t difficult to convince him to do what was necessary to create a horcrux. And then another. Young and brash, Tommy didn’t truly understand the cost of splitting his soul, and afterwards he was never quite the same.

When he awoke from death, his first sight was Petra, ringed in heavensent light. Her skin glowing and her hair falling all around her face. They did enter witness protection, though Petra tapped into her family’s resources to grease some palms and make it work. Her parents, pureblooded supremacists, would never have accepted Tommy like she did. Or at least, that’s the memory that Tommy has in his head. For any expert who looked inside his head, Tommy’s memories have been edited and reshaped and always within them, there was Petra--every memory of her radiant and inescapable.

His life with Petra following his death is unclear. However, he played a pivotal role in orchestrating the Azkaban jailbreak in 2001 and was killed during the events. His new horcrux was found soon after, a 17 year old version of him with no recollection of recent events. He is currently being held in prison.


Yew, 13 inches, dragon heartstring

Educational History

Ilvermorny, 1980–1985

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Joaquin Phoenix

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