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Ministry of Magic
Lola Bell
Magical Law Enforcement
Witch Watcher Trainee
10 Mar 1983
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Lola’s father was a metamorphmagus who (ab)used his power as a traveling Don Juan with thousands of faces, spawning bastards whenever the condom broke, or whenever he happened to forget one, or whenever he figured just the tip wouldn’t hurt! Lola never knew him, and given her mother’s taste in men, perhaps she didn’t want to.

Within several hours of her birth, Lola’s hair changed colors. The Ministry’s Muggle Liason team arrived and informed her mother, Beatrice, that magic existed. Oh, and that tall, dark, and handsome stranger she nailed nine months ago was actually a motherfucking wizard. And no, don’t expect child support.

Lola’s grandmother, Ada, took care of her during those early years. Her mom got pregnant again by a different father a few years later, and gave birth to her little sister, Annaleigh. Granny Ada took care of her too. Granny Ada was a tough old bitch. Barely ninety pounds, hunched with arthritis, she was made of bone and sinew and bitterness concentrate. She lived in chronic pain and passed away, mercifully, when Lola was seven years old.

They lived in a shitty East London council estate suffering from urban blight. After Ada’s death, their mom took more of a role in their lives, always with some dumbass boyfriend in tow. Beatrice wasn’t happy unless she had a man in her life, any man. Lola couldn’t turn 11 fast enough.

Growing up, Lola was not allowed to use her powers at a metamorphmagus much due to living with muggles. She usually only practiced at home, moreso when she hit an early puberty and her powers became more versatile than just a few minor changes.

When Lola finally went to Hogwarts, she was sorted into Gryffindor and was a socially isolated, volatile, and undisciplined student. She had a knack for Transfigurations and did poorly in most other subjects, particularly Herbology and Potions. As time went on, later into her mid teens, Lola became increasingly more comfortable with slipping into another person's skin rather than her own.

The summer that Lola was 14, there was an incident at home. Lola broke multiple wizarding laws by turning her mom’s current boyfriend into a toad and chucking him against a wall, critically injuring him. She was expelled from Hogwarts, her wand was snapped, and she was banned from practicing magic.

After that point, Lola spent more and more time away from home, taking her little sister places they shouldn't have rightfully been. Unknown to her, the Muggleborn Registration Commission was building up steam at this time, and it was during one such excursion that Snatchers came to her house and harassed their mother but were unable to locate Lola. Her mother was able to send word to Lola that it was no longer safe for her to return.

Lola took her sister and ran. Having no other place to go, she took on disguises and hit up Knockturn Alley, figuring it was easier to get lost in a crowd. Adrift, she took up some odd jobs to support herself and her sister. The fact that no one yet knew what her sister looked like and that Lola was a metamorphmagus helped the two girls hide.

Chance brought them to Frankie's diner in late 1997 when Death Eaters attacked the establishment. Both Lola and her sister were injured in the attack. When the other survivors took them in to heal them, they realized the girls were muggleborn and helped hide them.

Once the war was over, the girls returned to living with their mother, but the other survivors from the group are still like family to them. Since then, Lola worked random, shitty jobs in Knockturn Alley until she got another random, shitty job as a cafe barista in Ministry Munchies.

Magical Status Form


Power Scope & Limitations: Lola can change her height approximately 2 inches with about a 10 pound change in body mass. She is particularly adept at impersonating the looks of other females, but she's only about average as an actress. Though she has potential, she still struggles with impersonating voices and mannerisms that are very different from her own.
Lola's most distinctive feature is her long, disheveled mane of hair. Her hair is wavy, frizzy and often changes colors. She usually ducks her head and lets her hair fall in front of her face. Lola has dark circles under her eyes and usually wears dark eye makeup that only makes them more prominent, and she often wears red lipstick.

When she's working at the Ministry Munchies cafe, she makes her boobs a couple cup sizes larger (one of the perks of being a metamorphmagi) for better tips. She's often seen eating candy, especially blowpops and bubblegum. She likes putting things in her mouth and playing with them. >.>

Spoiler: lola in motion show
these always look amazing because metamorphmagus

she likes doing things with her tongue

and chewing bubblegum

when she laughs, it's not clear if it's with you or at you cause she's all snarky

but she's really all troubled and emo inside


    East London

    Lola lives in a run-down council estate. The building is in disrepair and overbuilt, with multiple vacant units that have attracted some criminal activity.

    She lives in a three bedroom apartment with her mother and younger sister. The door opens into a kitchen/living area that is littered with dirty dishes, half-eaten fast food containers, and bottles of hard liquor. Tattered couch with ugly fabric. The walls smell faintly of tobacco.

    Lola’s bedroom is covered with posters from different grunge, alternative, and indie bands. An old, wheezing computer sits on her desk, surrounded by random bits of paper, CDs, nail polish, a NERF gun, and other miscellany. There are a few old toys from her childhood lying around--My Little Ponies on her dresser, a Barbie doll hiding in her bookshelf, and a raggedy bunny plushie. Many of them have been defaced with permanent marker, duct tape, and push-pins. The ceiling is covered with glow in the dark stars.

    Spoiler: building pics show




Cherry, 11 3/4", dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1994-1997

Face Claim

Sky Ferreira

Additional Notes

Expelled from Hogwarts
WAND SNAPPED, Banned from Practicing Magic



Got your hand


Getting wood
Again with the wood


Muggle Food
Quodpot Shindig


You Again - 1997
Employee Fraternization - 1997


Mom - Beatrice Bell



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