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Ministry of Magic
Aline Albury
Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Werewolf Capture Unit Member
05 Apr 1972
It was never a secret. She was never ashamed. There wasn't a cure. So she lived the best she could. And she taught her daughter not to fear. Being a werewolf didn't have to be a curse.

Aline was too young to understand what it really meant to be a werewolf when she was told that her mother had become one, and that some things in their lives would change. Aline didn't really notice any changes, but that was mostly because, as she would come to find, her mother and father did the best to hide those changes away.

She thought that moving constantly was normal. She thought that locking her mother up in a cage once a month and watching her turn into a ferocious animal was a fascinating ritual. She thought that hiding from the men with wands was a game.

What was once lighthearted fun became all too real on the night of her mother's death. She was ten when she watched a man in a Ministry robes fell the woman she loved so much. It was an accident, of course. An attempt to contain her had become considerably dangerous, and the result left much to be desired. Unlike her father, who was filled with anger, Aline felt grief. It was only fueled by the unknown.

She would never find out why her mother had decided to run from the Ministry instead of registering herself, though she assumed it had something to do with her mother's radical ideas pertaining to both government and freedom. Her father refused to speak of her after her death, and Aline knew better than to bring it up. But she couldn't always be the naive little girl that she once was. She was clever, perhaps too much for her own good, and pieced a perceived truth through out the years.

It was Hogwarts that offered up the answers to the questions that she had always wanted to ask, but was too afraid:

What is a werewolf? Is there a cure? How does one become a werewolf? Are werewolves evil? How can we help them?

By the time she had left Hogwarts, Aline's werewolf knowledge was impressive enough to have exhausted the knowledge of her professors tenfold. It was only natural that she would move on to become a member of the Werewolf capture unit. The day she accepted the job was the last day her father spoke to her - condemning her for joining her mothers' killers. Aline knew that he couldn't understand. She hadn't joined to hurt or control the werewolves, like so many others seemed to want, but instead to help them - an agenda she has done well to keep under wraps.

Guided solely by her strong moral compass, Aline has been known to bend the rules - an action that may or may not have saved a handful of werewolf lives during the Second War. Though her actions have been called into question on more than one occasion, she has shown herself to be a capable and knowledgeable team member, and so far has been able to keep her position.


Teak, 7 5/6", Dragon Heartstring

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1983-1990

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Hayley Atwell

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Spirit Animal: Sea Lion



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