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Ministry of Magic
Conall Macmillan
Magical Law Enforcement
Senior Witch Watcher
04 Aug 1966
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Conall remembers the First War. He was four when it started, too young to really and truly understand the implications, but he remembers the fear and uncertainty, and later, when he started Hogwarts, he remembers how it was to sit at breakfast and wait for the owls, wait to see which families had been hit. His own was safe, protected by their name and status and the purity of their blood, and that one crazy aunt who’d married into the Blacks and made them disreputable – or lucky, he supposes now. But he remembers waving his friends off for holidays - and the ones who never came back.

He was a Ravenclaw, arrogant and cocky, a social chameleon with the ability to make people like him because of his sharp and skewering wit, rather than in spite of it. The years mellowed him, of course, and his occupation humbled him. Conall left Hogwarts with top grades to become a Witch Watcher with the Ministry, first out of the UK, and then in later years, doing stints in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.

The longest he returned to Britain for was just after Caity’s death, staying with his elder twin, Duncan. Though he was angry and bitter and all of those attendant, unpleasant emotions, Conall didn’t blame the perpetrators for being muggles; in the course of his job, he’d learnt that anyone from any walk of life had the potential to be monstrous.

The same could not be said of Lyla. He became aware of her loyalties too late to stop her, and by that time she was too deeply entrenched in Voldemort’s forces to risk the backlash that would fall on their family.

Conall was heavily involved in the resistance during the war; he performed as a double agent for the UK Ministry, using whatever incidental information he could glean from his sister to assist with his covers. Though he experienced several injuries and near-misses, he was never seriously hurt, and his cover remained intact up until Voldemort's death.

After Lyla fled with the rest of the vanquished forces, Conall returned to living in Britain and was promoted to Senior Witch Watcher. More recently, his on-off Italian girlfriend of almost a decade moved to London in a bid to convince him to propose - however, an altercation involving Amortentia and an operative from the RCMC resulted in Conall breaking off the relationship for good.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS
CLASSIFIED: The registration information for aurors, hitwizards, and witch watchers is classified.

Conall didn't begin training to master his Animagus form until he was in his mid-twenties, but due to his age, he found it easier to achieve than had he begun it earlier. By his late twenties, he could transform without a wand, and is now an expert who assists his fellow Witch Watchers in developing their own skills.

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Conall's form is a pure black Andalusian horse that stands at 16.3 hands with a long, flowing mane and tail: like this.

Animagus Form Elaboration: Large, vain, and capable of kicking someone's lungs through their spine, the horse has many characteristics in common with Conall. He can be highly aggressive and dangerous, but also do this and this. He is not recommended for novice riders.

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::
1) Skin Folds -- Conall discovered the main drawback of an oversized animagus form early on, when he transformed back into his human body only to find himself swimming around in miles of his own extra skin. It took two weeks and multiple trips to St Mungo's to correct the problem, and Duncan still had blackmail pictures of him looking like a deflated beach ball.

2) Partial Transformation -- He only had himself to blame when he tried out a rudimentary centaur form and got stuck that way. Conall hung out in the Forbidden Forest for several days until he could manage to transform back into full human, and he retains a deep dislike of, and prejudice against, centaurs to this day.

3) Animal Part -- Though he doesn't exactly have the penis of a horse, it's still a bit bigger than it otherwise would be thanks to the obvious benefits conferred by his animal form. Since it first happened in his mid-twenties, Conall has not made any attempt to rectify the situation in his pants :3


Conall has the distinction of being the only employee at the Ministry with a fanclub solely dedicated to hating him. He very much enjoys their existence and attends their meetings whenever he can - polyjuiced, of course.

Despite his obviously masculine physical credentials, Conall takes a fluid view of gender, norms, sexuality, and even species. He is probably at least half the reason Witch Watchers are known to be deviant freaks.

The general impression Conall gives is of someone who is simply done with social niceties. His honesty is well known and often brutal, and though it seems he must have the charisma to have stayed alive as an undercover operative for so long, almost no one can recall experiencing that side of him. He is extremely private about most of his life and keeps it strictly compartmentalised, and it's hard to say whether he actually has close friends or just people he tolerates better than everyone else.

Spoiler: Languages show
Native Fluency
Scots Gaelic

Professional Fluency

Limited Fluency

There's no denying it, Conall is incredibly attractive, and he knows it. He seems to have two modes when inhabiting his own skin: stone-faced and expressionless, or irritatingly smirky. His body is well-conditioned thanks to a strict gym regimen, and he is largely careful with his diet and self-grooming, so it often comes as a shock to realise that he's nearing forty.

Due to his occupation, Conall has no tattoos or visible birthmarks, and his few scars are very small and unremarkable. In general, he prefers to wear attractive women or particularly plain, average men when on jobs.

In his own body, Conall speaks with a strong Edinburgh/Central Scottish accent that becomes stronger and more impenetrable when drunk, sick, or tired. He is right-handed. He usually smells like wintergreen, forest, and clean laundry.


Conall lives in the Mews, in a two-bedroomed apartment that he does not share. His living space is overwhelmingly sparse with minimal furniture and few signs of personalisation. The only items of any sentimental value he seems to own are several charcoal drawings, his art kit, and a bronze cast of a horse.

His bedroom is similarly appointed, with just an enormous bed and a large closet that houses a collection of expensive suits and a few pieces of casualwear.

The second bedroom has been converted into a weight room, and is equally impersonal.

The overall impression one gets from Conall's setup is that his real home is elsewhere, and the apartment is merely a hotel of sorts.


Technically, Conall has a desk. Where it is is actually a matter for debate, since his cubicle vanished into an inter-dimensional portal several years ago after he pissed off a girl from Mysteries, and he's just never gotten around to having it fixed.

When not stalking other people's desks and eating their food, Conall can be found in the conference room, which he has claimed for his own via a piece of paper that states, somewhat sarcastically, Conall's Desk :), as well as a box file and a pen pot. Almost everyone just seems to have accepted this state of affairs as normal.



Acacia, 13", Phoenix Feather

Educational History

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1977-1984

Face Claim

Jensen Ackles

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