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Jessa Parish
Unprotected Hex
03 Nov 1974
PLAYER | Belle
Jessa was born in Bristol to a single mother, her father unknown, her elder brother from a different man. On the violent and run-down council estate of Headley Park, such stories perpetuate over generations.

For the first eleven years of her life, a peculiar kind of normality reigned. Her mother was eternally out of work, a heavy smoker and nightly social drinker, occupied with her own petty concerns. Though she was feckless, hardly a shining example to her children, Karen Parish was not cold or neglectful or abusive. By the standard of many around her, she was a decent mother. Jessa did her best not to notice the stream of men that came to the house, and never questioned why such visits preceded the purchase of something new and lavish, like a telly or flash trainers for the kids.

Her mother was shocked when Jessa received her Hogwarts letter, but convinced that her daughter would elevate them to life of excess and ease, wholly supportive. Her brother Lee - four years older, with whom she was very close - had been a certain kind of trouble for years, but a few months after she began her magical education, he received his first ASBO. A second soon followed. By the time she was thirteen, he’d served six months in juvenile detention for a number of crimes.

During the summer between her third and fourth year, Lee took her to a party. She was angry, volatile from a fight with Karen, their relationship becoming increasingly strained as their mother took to drinking more and more often as a result of Lee’s behavior, and the money that was supposed to have been put aside for Jessa’s books had been drunk instead. To take her mind off things, Lee introduced her to his friends, mostly men in their 20’s, a few women the same age.

Out of her element, bored and sulky, Jessa drank several cans of the cheap, strong cider the group favoured, and was soon pliant enough that when Lee asked her if she wanted to make a bit of easy money, she didn’t refuse. She remembers parts of it: the man was tall, with a shaved head and squinty blue eyes, and when he did talk – which wasn’t much – he had a Durham accent. It was quick, a little painful, and there was blood. It seemed to unnerve him; she remembers looking up at the flocking on the ceiling and waiting for it to be over. Afterwards, he grunted something that might’ve been sorry, love and left twenty quid on the dresser.

It was the first time, but not the last. Sometimes Lee was there, playing cards in the living room, his sharp and cool voice the occasional burst of sound behind the door, gaze assessing when she emerged dressed once more, and always the same, alright, Jess? as she split out his share and folded her own into her pocket. Sometimes he wasn’t there; that was always worse.

When she went back to Hogwarts, Jessa found her escape in music. She was curious, nosy even, and discovered the Room of Requirement without assistance. She assumed it was a music room because it always produced several instruments for her. She only went at first because no one else seemed to know about it, but as time went on, she began to play. She’d always had the ability to memorise the tune of songs and jingles after a listen or two, but as she learnt how to make a piano, and then a violin, respond to her, she also realized that she could replicate things she heard with minimal effort.

Her extra curricular activities continued, both the positive and the negative. She was smart and a hard worker, but often distracted. Her grades were below average, except in Arithmancy, in which she excelled. Nevertheless, she left Hogwarts with little direction or idea what she wanted to do.

Jessa took a bar job at the Hog's Head and coasted for almost a year. She saved up and bought herself a keyboard and a violin, spending a lot of her time writing music and shooting up. A chance meeting with Saffron Caldwell - same year, different house - put her in touch with Evangeline, who was trying to get a band together. Musically, they clicked.

During the war, Jessa her skills in Arithmancy to create cyphers for secure information transfer, and to decode messages intercepted between Voldemort's forces.

Now she balances a demanding musical career with her many addictions.

Lee was jailed in 1993 for assault with a deadly weapon. He is due to be released in 2002.


13", Cedar, Phoenix Feather

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1985-1992

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Rooney Mara

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Spirit Animal: Bat

Kate Miller-Heidke - Let Me Fade



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