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Ministry of Magic
Draco Malfoy
Department of Mysteries
05 Jun 1980
5' 9"
PLAYER | Jeffrey
The Malfoy family was rich and powerful. They had status. Prestige. The right to look down their noses at people.

Harry Potter was resting comfortably on the tip of Draco's nose for about six years. Things started going to hell, and Draco found himself...

Well he's still not sure where he found himself. Somewhere, at any rate. Confused. That seventh year was very interesting.

Then Voldemort was done for, and the Malfoys--

Well. So much for that prestige.

Draco and his family got off scot-free, and he began to look at his life. Really look at it. And he didn't really see much. I could tell you that in that moment he became a better person, that he decided that he would live his life for others and stopped being so pompous, selfish, arrogant, and a complete asshole.

But I could also say that he built a spaceship and flew around the moon twice and met a tribe of space bears that gifted to him a golden turtle that granted him immortality. Both just aren't true.

Draco Malfoy is and always will be Draco Malfoy. The only thing he decided when he looked at his life was that he was going to find out just exactly who that is.

He managed to land a job with the Ministry, though it was not as... prestigious as he'd hoped. I could tell you that he didn't complain, but you already know that's not true. He was too good for the job, obviously, and everyone had damned well better know it.

Unfortunately he hadn't moved from said job in a year and a half.

Canon RP Sample

It was odd. Draco hadn't much thought about Harry Potter, since the Battle. Well, at first he had been seething. He wasn't sure why (but his player is, if you care to know), but he couldn't help it. Eventually he got over himself and sort of... forgot that Harry existed. Every now and again he'd hear a mention of him and an involuntary surge of irritation would well up inside of him, but it went away just as quickly.

So when the lift doors opened and none other than Harry Potter was standing there, in the lift, Draco went through a litany of thoughts and feelings in less than a second; indignation, irritation, anger, bitterness, envy, et cetera. Balling all of it up into one word was almost effortless.



Yew, 9 1/2", dragon heartstring Hawthorn, 10", unicorn hair

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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1991-1998

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Tom Felton

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