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Kit Armistead
War Correspondent
17 Apr 1973
PLAYER | Belle
Kit was thirteen when her father died. He was an Irish journalist, a man of integrity and unbridled tenacity, and she loved him beyond reason.

They say he died in a gas main explosion in London. Kit knows he was murdered – and by a wizard as well – she just can’t prove it because, you see, she’s a muggle.

Her father was one of the leading journalistic voices in the Irish conflict and the Falklands War. He took a Ukranian wife he met during an assignment, and they had Kit within a year. Growing up, Kit never saw him much because of his job, but he lit up the house when he finally came home, and she lived for those days at the end of an assignment when she’d finally get to spend time with him again.

The night they got word of his death, her mother opened the safe concealed behind a painting in the master bedroom and began feeding the files from it into the fire. She was preoccupied and didn’t notice Kit rescuing a few. She read through them, through her father’s notes, and discovered that he was convinced of the existence of magic.

In later years she maintained the sinking suspicion that under all that genius, he father had been struggling for sanity the whole time. It wasn’t until almost a decade after that, when strange happenings began to occur, that she started to suspect that he might’ve been right all along.

Kit also become a journalist, a maverick with a special interest in conflict. She hopped from warzone to warzone, some preternatural sense for trouble delivering her to a hotspot usually within the earliest days, and her natural charm often allowing her to ingratiate herself with some of the most dangerous military and rebel leaders in the world. She had more than a few close calls, and by the time the second wizarding war was in full motion, she was back in London recovering from a gunshot wound she'd suffered in Afghanistan.

It was impossible to ignore the occurrences within the city. She followed her instincts, using the sparse information from her father's attempts to close in on this nebulous other world. She remembers everything, until Christmas Eve of 1997, when her memory stops short, a strange blank covering three days during which her mother tells her she was impossible to reach, breaking their Christmas plans without a word.

For the last several years, Kit returned to her usual occupation chasing war stories, but she worked constantly at trying to uncover what happened in those missing three days. She knows breaking through to her obliviated memories is the key to finally understanding how and why her father died, and even though she hasn't managed it consciously, her dreams have begun to get very strange, suggesting the degradation of the spell, and she sometimes suffers hallucinations that are too hazy and indistinct to be conclusive. It is only a matter of time.
Kit is blue-eyed, dark haired and pale skinned. Her build is lean but in a soft way that indicates her lack of strength training or formal exercise. Though she cleans up nicely when she can be bothered, Kit is fairly apathetic about her appearance, favouring practicality over style. She tends to braid her hair or pin it up, and she only wears make-up when she's shooting or on a night out. Her nails are short, clean and unpolished.

She generally wears skinny cargo pants or denim shorts, pairing them with tank tops and oversized shirts or sweaters. Her combat boots are a constant, as is an ancient and oversized pigskin leather jacket that used to belong to her father.

Winding around her right hip is a watercolour compass tattoo with the coordinates of the needle exactly 51.5072° N, 0.1275° W. She has three piercings in each earlobe in which she wears a variety of studs, and helix piercing in her left ear with a cuff. Her left thigh and shoulder bear bullet wounds, and her arms, torso and back have several scars of varying size and severity from shrapnel.

Kit rarely carries a bag unless she's on location when she favours a small daily pack and a larger military issue duffel for her clothing and laptop.


Kit lives in a modest two-bedroom apartment in central London paid for by the BBC. She has barely done any decorating, and most of the place is exposed brick with whatever token bits of furniture were there when she moved in. Her room is the only one that shows signs of personalisation, with a huge book collection and some framed pictures on the wall.

Though the area is relatively safe, she has had several break-ins.


Educational History

University of Westminster, Journalism, 1991-1994

Face Claim

Olga Kurylenko

Additional Notes

Spirit Animal: Tiger

Major conflicts Kit has covered:
  • Civil war in Yemen (July 1994 - November 1994)
  • First Chechen War (December 1994 - August 1995) - bullet clip left leg.
  • Bosnian War (September 1995 - December 1995)
  • Somali Civil War (January 1996 - August 1996) - broken arm, whiplash.
  • Afghan Civil War (September 1996 - December 1996)
  • Albanian Rebellion (January 1997 - May 1997) - shrapnel injuries.
  • Afghan Civil War (June 1997 - August 1997) - gunshot wound left shoulder.
  • Kosovo War (February 1998 - June 1999)
  • Second Chechen War (August 1999 - May 2000) - broken collarbone, broken ribs, shrapnel injuries, minor burns.
  • Second Intifada (September 2000 - September 2001)
  • War in Afghanistan (October 2001 - present)



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