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Johnny Kingston
Buffalo Soldier
27 Mar 1977
PLAYER | Belle
Laura Kingston never made terribly good decisions as a young woman. Like dropping out of sixth form to travel around Europe in a transit van and smoke weed. Like taking a secretarial job in London and beginning an affair with her married boss two weeks after she started. Like getting pregnant to force him to divorce his wife and being somehow surprised when it backfired.

But she never regretted any of it.

Not when she lost her job and ended up homeless, shunted into a council flat on a grotty estate with peeling walls and leaking pipes and cockroaches. Not when she had to choose between eating and turning on the heating in mid-winter. Not even when her son grew into a shoplifter, a pickpocket, a thug, a truant, all before the age of eleven. Not for a moment.

Because she always knew he was extraordinary, and she was proved right when his letter arrived. Johnny was a terrible mismatch for the magical world, but he loved it, relished every moment at Hogwarts surrounded by all the posh fucks in Slytherin. With his strong interest in illicit substances of both magical and muggle origin, Johnny was naturally gifted in Potions, and gained high marks in several of his other classes. Despite that though, he elected not to apply to the Ministry or any other such restrictive career path upon graduation.

Instead, he took a day job running the counter at Buffalo Soldier whilst working for an eccentric witch by the name of Ruby Mortimer by night. She had him do increasingly odd jobs, including robbery, intimidation, and disposing of bodies, all of which paid better than selling cigarettes to jittery Ministry employees.

During the war, his main concern was staying out of it. Concealed in the muggle world, he was perfectly safe, and though he lost friends and acquaintances, he never felt the need to join the fight. Now it's over, and he's richer than ever off the back of all those dealing with their demons by smoking, snorting and injecting them into submission.
Johnny isn't anything special to look at; an average height with brown hair and faded blue eyes, and a nose that's slightly misshapen from repeated breakages. His body is long and leanly muscled, giving him the hungry appearance of a whippet

Beneath his clothes he has a number of tattoos - chest, shoulder and back - as well as a single diamond stud in his left ear.

His normal attire is an ecclectic mix of tatty jeans, t-shirts and hoodies, with the occasional smart polo or blazer thrown in when he's feeling dapper. The only things that never change are his black workmans boots, and a silver ring around his right thumb, with the inscription In life; in death beneath the band.


12", Larch, Dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1988-1995

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Jack O'Connell

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