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Ministry of Magic
Ephraim Riddle
Magical Law Enforcement
Lead Investigator
03 Feb 1954
PLAYER | Belle
Ephraim Arcturius Riddle was an unwanted scrap of humanity from the very beginning. His early history is patchy – his mother was just fourteen when he was born, and there is no record of his father. He was put up for adoption and ended up in Coventry, with a modest working class couple. His mum was a housewife, and his dad a fireman. They were good, kind people, but they were also simple, superstitious, and devoutly religious.

When Ephraim began to make impossible things happen, they took him to an exorcist. The intervention of the church in supernatural matters being what it was – namely, useless in terms of identifying a burgeoning wizard, but extremely effective in traumatizing young children – Riddle’s powers only became more unstable. Eventually, he injured his mother severely by accident, and the Ministry of Magic were forced to intervene.

His parents were not accepting of the explanation behind their son’s peculiarities, and they begged the Ministry representative to take Riddle away. A soft-hearted soul, the witch agreed, and obliviated the couple. Riddle was seven years old.

Bereft of what else to do with him, the witch took him to her own family and her elderly parents raised him until he was old enough to go to Hogwarts. There, his shyness and the fact that he was both weird-looking and just plain weird, made him an outsider. He was often the target of bullies and had few friends, despite his talent for sharp observational humour and his own ingrained kindness.

The first war started whilst he was still at school, and swiftly claimed the lives of several of his classmates, and his adoptive family. Riddle’s withdrawal into grief and loneliness aided his studies more than his social life, and against the odds in the chaos of war, he graduated with top marks.

Since he was neither daring nor brave, but meticulous and obsessive, the role of Investigator seemed to be tailored specifically for him. Riddle kept his head down, already adept at not drawing attention to himself, and weathered out the war like a particularly stubborn barnacle clinging to a rock.

It was during that time that he met Ridley Brevil, a security specialist with the hitwizards. He was perpetually grumpy, badly-dressed, and foul-mouthed. Naturally, Riddle fell for him. Due to the biases of the era, especially as they moved into the 80’s, the couple kept their relationship a closely-guarded secret. After all this time, treating one another as particularly annoying roommates under the gazes of their colleagues has become second nature, and they are still an unconfirmed speculation. They do, however, have three children that they adopted from Malawi – a process facilitated by magic and Riddle’s exacting legal mind – and are determined that as soon as the law passes for gay marriage in Britain, they will make their relationship legally binding. They can’t, however, decide on whose name to take.

The second war, with its Muggleborn Registration Commission, was far more of an ordeal than the first, despite being shorter. Riddle was one of the last muggleborns to be interviewed by the committee, having gone unnoticed for the most part. With no way of proving his heritage, though deemed harmless enough to avoid Azkaban, Riddle was stripped of his wand and his occupation. Brevil, a halfblood, fared better and was allowed to remain for his usefulness.

Once it was over, the former Lead Investigator having committed suicide in Azkaban, Riddle received a temporary promotion to the position to rebuild the section and head up the post-war investigative commission. He quickly proved his worth with his exacting nature, attention to detail, and fair, unbiased management style. Within six months, he was offered the position on a permanent basis and life, ever since, has been just fine.

(But he still thinks Brevil is missing a trick, not wanting to become Mr. Ridley Riddle).


9.5", Beech, Phoenix feather

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1965-1972

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Jason Flemyng

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