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Ministry of Magic
Malavika Chandravarkar
Personal Assistant to the Minister for Magic
24 Oct 1965
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Malavika has always been a woman who knew she wanted more. She was the middle child of some half-blooded family that was unremarkable except that it occasionally produced metamorphmagi in its line. She always had to fight for attention, and she was good at it. Her father was a low ranking witch watcher who fought in the First Wizarding war and whose career was cut short by injury. He spent the rest of his days in a wheelchair and turned to law instead, but his position held little prestige in the wizarding world. He was a good man of solid morals. Her mother was a pureblooded witch and heiress to a fortune which she lost when her family disowned her for marrying Malavika's father.

In Hogwarts, she was sorted into Slytherin where her political views prevented her from becoming too popular with her classmates. However, she was a smart and political creature, and was able to mitigate the social fallout of her more unpopular views. She was an exemplary student.

Since she was young, Malavika had enjoyed donning a male gender due o the differences in the way others treated her. In Hogwarts, her metamorphmagus abilities developed more, and she spent an increasing amount of time moving from one gender to the other as it suited her needs.

Upon graduation, Malavika joined the witch watchers and served mostly on espionage and diplomacy missions, and her abilities as a metamorphmagus were invaluable to many of her operations. In the intervening years, she was engaged once, though the marriage fell through. Her siblings started their own families while she focused on her career, seemingly with no desire to go down the same path.

Malavika attained the rank of senior witch watcher and during the Second Wizarding War, she proved herself time and again to the Order of the Phoenix. Her typical missions included impersonating Death Eaters and Snatchers, framing them for betrayal, and letting them fall upon one another like wolves. During this time, she worked closely with Kingsley Shacklebolt, and at the end of the war he asked her to join him as a personal assistant, a political hatchet man to get the jobs done that he himself would be unable to do.

Malavika has been extremely successful in her new job. While Kingsley sought compromise and smooth diplomacy, if Malavika appeared then it probably meant that someone was about to get a verbal ass-whooping. She was the bad cop to Kingsley's good cop, and she could say the things that he couldn't. This, in addition to her halfblood status, made her a far more polarizing figure that the majority of the public loved and the crotchety old hold-outs of pureblood conservatism hated.

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Power Scope & Limitations: Malavika is capable of changing approximately 4 inches in height and 40 pounds in weight, giving her the ability to mimic most women and only small to average men. She cannot recreate a great deal of muscle mass and sticks to leaner men. She is particularly adept with accents and mimicking others' voices. However, it's difficult for her to pretend to be someone significantly weaker or more timid than herself. There's a certain predatory look in her eyes and a confidence to her mannerism that is hard for her to erase.

She can produce some minor animal effects, such as elongating her nails to claws and adjusting her eyes to give herself low light vision.


Pine, 11", phoenix feather

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1976-1983

Face Claim

Reshma Shetty

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