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Ministry of Magic
Sullivan Flannery
Magical Law Enforcement
Senior Investigator
28 Feb 1970
Growing up amidst the Flannery clan meant being adaptable. Things were always chaotic with so many siblings, but Sully was good natured and not easily ruffled. He moved through childhood completely unfazed by sibling meltdowns and arguments, and was just as likely to give in as he was to fight back. In fact, most of the time he gave in, unless it was really important to him. In that case, good luck, he could be the most patient person in the world.

The first war mostly passed him by, as a child he didn't really understand it. By the time he went to Hogwarts in 1981, it was over and so his life went on unchanged as usual. He was sorted into Ravenclaw, where he got excellent marks and played a little Quidditch. He also learned to change form, choosing first the form of a bear cub, and then a full grown grizzly as he got better at it. He had a lot of friends, but only a few that he was particularly close to, and one with whom he was utterly, madly in love.

Cara was everything: beautiful, smart, funny ... and she liked him. They were in the same here, and after they started hanging out in their fifth year, they were inseparable. Sully would have done anything for her, and maybe that was the problem. They never fought because he never argued. Everything was Cara's way, and it all seemed great to him. They got married right out of school, and were graced with their daughter shortly after.

If Sully loved Cara, he adored Neve. Maybe his focus shifted just a little too much, but it eventually came out that Cara had been sleeping around, breaking Sully's heart. He got a divorce, and then a custody battle ensued. Rumors swirled that Neve wasn't his daughter, but he refused to entertain them. Cara fought back at first, but Sully was implacable, and eventually he won out. He wonders, sometimes, if that made what happened next all his fault.

Neve's class was attacked by followers of Fenrir Greyback, and while she did survive (thanks to Sully's sister, Kiera), she was turned. Sully never loved her a bit less, of course, and his first order of business was seeing that justice was done. He and Kieran saw to that, and while there is no official record, those particular werewolves wouldn't be hurting anyone else, case closed.

Sully's a bit of a workaholic, especially when he gets on the trail of something, and it's Kieran that helps keep him from becoming all work and no play. The two complement each other well, and their friendship has always been a source of strength for Sully. He's had a few lovers, but nothing serious, not after Cara, and not while he had Neve to take care of.

Now that Neve's at Hogwarts, Sully has more time on his hands, which may or may not be a good thing.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Grizzly bear, dark brown fur, black eyes

Animagus Form Elaboration: Like the grizzly bear, Sully is gentle and tolerant, while being incredibly fierce when it comes to his family. His bark (or growl) is worse than his bite, however. That said, he can be a very physical person, but generally without malice. However, do not poke the bear.

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::
1) Anthro Form -- Look, that was one time and only last a week. During which time nothing weird happened. Nothing weird at all.

2) Animal Behavior -- This is an ongoing issue, generally with growling and sometimes in bed. Sully's not self-conscious about it though and will generally go with it when it happens.

3) Absorbed Clothes -- Probably the closest to death Sully's ever come. Luckily he was with Cara at the time, and was rushed to the infirmary. This is why he prefers to transform while naked if at all possible.


Ash; 12"; Unicorn Hair

Educational History

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1981-1988

Face Claim

Xavier Samuel

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