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Ministry of Magic
Benji Blackwood
Magical Law Enforcement
Hitwizard Specialist: Sniper
04 Apr 1975
PLAYER | Belle
Born in the wealthy Lincoln Park district of Chicago, Benji grew up as the privileged only child of a banker and a successful novelist. Intelligent, precocious and imaginative, he began to manifest his magic early on in small ways. Even when he was young, however, Benji knew better than confide in his parents. From his perspective, his abilities seemed like the manifestation of wishes from a children's book.

At eleven, he received a letter from Ravenwood Academy, followed by a representative. Though his parents were taken aback, they gradually adjusted to the idea, and even demanded a tour of the school before they would allow him to attend.

Benji took to the magical world with ease, his boundless curiosity making him a keen student and accomplished spell caster. He chaired the Ravenwood Duelling Club in his final two years, and even entered several international competitions.

Following his graduation, wanting to keep contact with his muggle origins, Benji used magic to forge himself the appropriate high school transcripts and applied to the University of Oxford to study Philosophy as a part-time student.

In order to support himself in the UK without demanding too much of his parents, Benji applied to the Ministry of Magic to enter Hitwizard training. Balancing that with his course was tricky, but he was ambitious and driven, and within three years he had completed both.

It was 1996, the year that the war was beginning to pick up speed. Having identified his primary area of skill, Benji progressed to sniper training. He fought in the resistance, honing his abilities on long-distance attacks of muggleborn jail transports, and participated in the Battle of Hogwarts in a sniper capacity. He finished his final proficiency exam shortly after the official declaration of peace.

Benji was grievously injured during the attack on the annual hitwizard camping trip in December 2002, which he barely survived. He spent several months in the hospital and several more undergoing physical therapy for the damage he sustained, before being allowed to return to work on light duties. As soon as he can, Benji intends to take his physical proficiency test and get back on active duty.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: WEREWOLF

Werewolf Form: Standard
Werewolf Size: 6'1" & 228lbs

Form & Size Elaboration: Benji was turned during the disastrous hitwizard camping trip of December 2002, barely surviving his injuries. As soon as he was able, he registered with the Ministry and began taking wolfsbane as per their regulations, having no desire to enjoy or adapt to his new animalistic nature. Being resolutely happy-go-lucky and minimally aggressive in person, Benji is unlikely ever to advance beyond the standard werewolf form.


15.5", Ebony, Dragon heartstring

Educational History

Ravenwood, 1986-1993

Face Claim

Pharrell Williams

Additional Notes

Spoiler: Ronji show



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