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Ministry of Magic
Neville Longbottom (Kristin)
30 Jul 1980
PLAYER | Kristin
Neville grew up in an unconventional home, even for a wizarding family. With his parents permanently hospitalized, his grandmother took him in. It was always expected that he would go to Hogwarts, and of course he did. He was sorted into Gryffindor and his grandmother sent him his toad as a congratulatory gift. After this, it was merely a matter of passing strenuous classes. That is until trouble started. This was when he learned who his real friends were. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, among others. However, he was never one to leave the castle, and so while they were gone, Neville applied himself viciously to his studies, determined to be useful in the impending war.

During the war, Neville helped to lead Dumbledore's Army from within Hogwarts. He also took art in several of the major battles leading up to the final Battle of Hogwarts. Lord Voldemort offered Neville a position among his Death Eaters, but Neville refused vehemently and destroyed Nagini with the Sword of Gryffindor. It was with this final move that he helped to destroy Voldemort, and take down the Death Eaters. Once the rebuilding of Hogwarts was completed, he finished schooling an received his NEWTs with exceptional scores. After school, he spent some time in training as an Auror alongside Harry and Ron. However, once Neville had passed his training and was inducted into the department, he felt that his real place was in the department of his first battle in the war: the Department of Mysteries. Thus, he went into training again and became an Unspeakable.

Since then, life has been a bit of a blur. From his first day, to the current stacks of paper marked "Confidential" on his desk, Neville has made a commitment to doing his best as a secret keeper for the Ministry.

Canon RP Sample

Neville Longbottom stared silently down the hall. His robes blew gently around him, despite his being still. No one really knew why there was a wind, they just accepted it. Neville thought the silence was odd, but peaceful. The bright light in the main Ministry hall was brought to instant darkness. The sounds of footsteps and talking and rustling of owls wings were all silenced as soon as one foot was placed in the corridor. Peaceful, but off putting. That was the best way he could describe it. Though it was his first day, and though his nerves were on edge, his heart beat steadily. He had been in these halls before. He knew what waited behind the sealed and locked and charmed doors ahead of him, ornate with ancient Goblin writing...

Run, run, run! Neville's head was on fire, his eyes blinded by the falling prophecies. His lungs ached and his heart pounded blood through his ears. He was in pain from the gash on his arm. He shook his head and stumbled back, trying desperately to be away from the masks and the bright lights. He ran as fast as he could twards the door, hoping against hope that it wasn't locked, that he could hide. Oh please, please. He couldn't die this way. He had to get out and get home. He had to get back to Hogwarts. He had to get back to Gran... Longbottom. Longbottom!

LONGBOTTOM! Neville shook his head and looked up stupidly. The head of his new department stared back, obviously annoyed. Some first impression, he thought. Neville cleared his throat. "Sir. Hello, how are you?" The head nodded briskly and walked away, robes swishing behind him, wand in hand. Neville could only assume he was to follow and so he did. The head murmured something about shelves and incompetency.

"What will I be doing today?"
"Paperwork. It's your first day, we need all of your information."
"But didn't I-"
"Are you arguing, Longbottom?"

And that was that. Neville followed silently, through the doors, and into his new life as an Unspeakable.


Redwood, 14" Dragon heartstring

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1991 - 1998

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Matthew Lewis

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