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Ministry of Magic
Arwen Biggins
Magical Law Enforcement
Witch Watcher
29 Oct 1977
PLAYER | Claira
Arwen was very young when her parents died. They were a pair of pureblooded socialites that, for the most part, the pureblood society enjoyed the couple. But when the First Wizarding War came, the pureblood society soon found out that one of their favorite families had a particular soft spot for muggles and muggleborns alike. So towards the end of the war, they were finally caught and murdered for being blood traitors. When Arwen was found, the Ministry followed the parents’ will and gave a pair of muggles known as the Biggins’ custody of Arwen.

While growing up, Arwen travelled throughout Europe; learning about each countries rich culture and took several dance classes for ballet, belly dancing, etc. And when it came time, she received her letter for Hogwarts and her adopted parents sent her with a magical caretaker to get her supplies and uniforms at Diagon Alley. At school, she was sorted into Ravenclaw. She never moved around, she maintained her grades and continued her dance lessons every summer. After graduation, Arwen was one of the first of the students to join the Witch Watcher program and while doing the program, she also applied herself to additional independent studies for computer technologies and creative writing - with the little free time she has.

During the Second Wizarding War and once the Ministry was taken over by Voldemort, Arwen noticed a lot of her colleagues were either leaving work or disappearing – and a lot of them were muggleborns. At one point she was questioned on her loyalties to Voldemort’s reign and after they saw that the pureblooded woman was raised by muggles, they felt that she was severely disillusioned and must be rehabilitated to see the “light”. Arwen was watched by very close eyes and was forced to join pureblood events, meetings, dinners, etc. But when she wasn’t being watched by the close eye of her captors, she was writing letters to the rebels with information on upcoming attacks, Snatcher camp locations and even Death Eater whereabouts; all while living up to her career expectations of being a Witch Watcher.

After the war was over, Arwen continued her job as Witch Watcher and is attempting to finishing up her individual studies. She was investigated by the Ministry for a short while, but it was proved that she aided in surveillance and dishing out information on the Death Eaters. Now she continues to do her job, traveling the world, experiencing its diversity, and every now and then dances the nights away.


11¾" Rowan Wand with a Unicorn Hair Core

Educational History

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1989-1996

Face Claim

Katie McGrath

Additional Notes

- Arwen is a total nerd: she plays dungeons and dragons, loves playing board games and video games, reading about the newest technologies, and even sticking her nose in a new book
- In Dungeons and Dragons, she plays an elven rogue named Tauriel, who is trying to find her place in the universe.
- In Muggles and Mayhem, she plays a consultant agent for a retail technology store named Carol, who is struggling with an identity crisis.



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