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Ministry of Magic
Beatrix Appleby
Magical Law Enforcement
Veteran Training Instructor
10 Jun 1959
PLAYER | Belle
Beatrix was born in Coventry, the eldest daughter of a greengrocer and a seamstress, and for most of the first ten years of her life, expected nothing from it than the lofty ambition of joining a typing pool and eventually graduating to secretary in some soul-sucking corporate office.

It's funny how things work out.

Being the easy-going sort, Beatrix didn't have the same kind of magical accidents that other children in her position might, and so the letter on her eleventh birthday came as a complete surprise.

Despite the war, Beatrix remembers her school years being some of the happiest of her life, but she only stayed long enough to grab enough OWLs to apply to the Ministry as a Hitwizard. She wasn't academic, a typical impulsive and fearless Gryffindor, but they were desperate.

Throughout her training, Beatrix was known for her wisecracking, ability to impersonate senior officers, and her killer right hook. She witnessed so many horrific occurrences during the years of the First War, and she dealt with it by making jokes, leaving with her a deeply morbid sense of humour.

Once it was over, she met and married a muggle police officer with whom she had two daughters. In 1994, a year before reports officially confirmed Voldemort's return, Beatrix filed for divorce having steadily grown apart from her husband. She was granted full custody of their two children, and the couple parted on amicable terms - to her relief, given the gradual escalation of the Second War.

Out of caution, Beatrix placed her girls in her ex-husband's care, safely hidden in the muggle world. She then fled the Ministry during the takeover, banding with several other muggleborn and halfblood MLE agents to work for the resistance, and using her impersonation abilities to infiltrate enemy encampments and wreak merry hell.

It was during one of these jobs that she was uncovered and tortured for information. Beatrix, by that point a skilled Occlumens, was able to convince the relatively inexperienced Snatchers that she was just a Patrol Officer, and fed them a huge amount of false intel. They left her for dead, not realising that the directions she'd given them would later result in the ambush of three separate groups of Death Eaters and Snatchers, culminating in the deaths of at least fourteen people.

Though Beatrix survived her ordeal, and despite full reconstructive surgery, she was no longer fit for law enforcement due to her damaged nerves and slowed reflexes. She walks with a limp, and suffers from partial paralysis of her left arm, in addition to extensive scarring and episodic PTSD. Due to her status as a war hero and experienced hitwizard, she was kept on by the Ministry to train the next generation of MLE operatives.

Rather than giving in to bitterness and regret, Beatrix embraced her new position and the reduced working hours, allowing her to spend more time with her girls.


12.5", Laurel, Unicorn tail hair

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1970-1975

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Lucy Punch

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