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Ezra Martell
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13 Aug 1971
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The Martells are an old family. Rich and lavish, Ezra had everything he needed as a child, and a few things he didn't. He was raised to be the perfect heir for the family, and as such, from a young age he was taught everything from etiquette in several different nations, to how to properly manage several large estates. By the time he attended Hogwarts, his parents had already been paying for wand lessons, so he was a bit ahead of the rest of his class.

In fact, it was two years before his arrival at Hogwarts that his perfect pureblood life was thrown for a loop. His half-sister, Tegan, was born, resulting in a family uproar that lasted three years. He didn't mind that much. His father had argued for hours with his uncles and grandfather in order to keep her, so he supposed she must be precious. And upon seeing her tiny little face for the first time, he decided that she was absolutely, in every way, precious. Even though her mother was a muggle, Ezra knew she was the most perfect little sister ever. It wasn't her fault she was born with a lesser mother than he. He doted on her, and, due to the age gap, often felt like she was his little baby of a sister.

While at school Ezra slowly became distanced from his sister and father. Sorted into Slytherin, he was immediately surrounded by an infinite number of influences. Slowly but surely, his family's ancient preachings of blood purism along with those he heard at school continued to infect his mind. At home, he still interacted with Tegan the same way he always had, justifying it to himself that it was different. Tegan didn't have a choice, and Tegan was family. The first thing he'd ever been taught was that family, and the continuation of the pure family line was first, regardless of politics.

After graduation, he didn't get a job. It wasn't necessary. All he needed to do was assist in the management of Martell funds, and he wouldn't need to work a day in his life. Ezra would be able to live as a proper pureblood socialite. Or rather, he did for a good six years. During that time, he was engaged to a fellow pureblood. Life was good. He still supported the defeated Death Eaters, but he could pretend those issues weren't big. He could still have a relationship with Tegan, and he was about to build a family. In 1995, however, those days began to draw to a close.

Contacted soon after the Azkaban breakout, Ezra was easily recruited into the Death Eater ranks. He kept it quiet from his sister and father, never sure if it was because he risked disappointing them or because he needed to.

The next year was when he became deeply involved. His fiancee was killed by Death Eaters due to her family's sympathizing with muggles. He didn't mind that much, considering he hadn't actually or genuinely rather, ever cared for her. He disappeared that year, deciding that would be the best way to leave his father's and sister's lives. While he did attend his sister's graduation, it was in secret and he didn't allow anyone to know he was there. He didn't even tell his Death Eater superiors.

Maybe that hadn't been his best thought out plan, as soon after, the Death Eaters decided they needed him to do something to show them that he was completely loyal to them. And they asked him to do something that he very nearly couldn't. He spent hours locked alone in the small flat he'd been living in, pacing back and forth.

As loyal as he was to the cause, he loved his family. He didn't want to be the cause of their pain. Yet, the situation was clear to him. He didn't have a choice in the matter anymore. If he refused, they'd simply torture him until he gave them the location of his sister and father, and then they'd torture them. If he gave them the information, he'd be betraying his sibling and father. And even if somehow he managed to get out of it, Nicholai Martell and Tegan Snow were names now known to the Death Eaters. There was no way the Death Eaters would overlook them.

To put it simply, Ezra was in deep shit.

So, after likely drinking himself to the point of senselessness, he handed over the information they wanted. He'd hoped that would be the end of it, but it wasn't. After throwing his father into prison, they told him to interrogate his sister. Torture her really. That Ezra couldn't handle. Tegan was his baby sister. He did love her. Even if her mother was a muggle, she was still a half-Martell. She deserved better than this.

Still, it was useless to argue. If he did, then someone else would be torturing Tegan, and they wouldn't be in anyway as gentle as Ezra would. Honestly though, when one loves someone so much, especially in a familial way, every single time he uttered that dreaded curse, he felt like he himself was being tortured. Days passed like this, and then days turned into weeks. And after a while, the Death Eaters got tired of 'wasting his time', and sent her to Azkaban. Honestly, he was relieved that they hadn't killed her.

To say the least, when the war ended, he was relieved. He did believe that what the Death Eaters had been doing was right, but in the wrong ways. First of all, you didn't make family hurt family. That was just cruel. It wasn't effective either, as it simply shook their faith in the movement. He believed in blood purity, and he wants another Dark Lord to help purify the world. However, he thinks they should be more lenient on half-bloods.

After the war, he disappeared. The Martell family helped him hide, and he moved throughout their various estates, keeping out of the spotlight. The war made him lose everything; his integrity, his status, his family. But he's determined to get it all back. Somehow.


Willow, 13 1/2", Dragon Heartstring

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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1981-1988

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Davey Havok

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