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Luck of the Irish: The Flannery Family Trainwreck

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Luck of the Irish: The Flannery Family Trainwreck

Postby Belle » Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:22 am

The Flannery Family

The Flannerys are an ancient family of Purebloods with their roots in Northern Ireland. Longtime defenders of muggles and muggleborns, they were omitted from the Sacred Twenty-Eight families due to their strong blood traitor status and their adoption of Catholicism in the early nineteenth century. Both of the Flannery parents still occupy the ancestral home in Connaught. Moira is a well-respected member of the Wizengamot and former Auror, whilst Seumas sits on the board of Hogwarts and is a retired Professor of Dark Arts Theory and Defence at Asarlaiocht University. They have a good relationship with most of their children, and as parents were strong disciplinarians who tried to instil values of honesty, integrity, and hard work in their offspring - with mixed results.

Pronouncing Irish names!

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Eamon FlanneryMairead FlanneryBridget Flannery
Kiera FlannerySullivan FlanneryMagnus Flannery
Roisin FlanneryNiall FlannerySorcha Flannery
Honora FlanneryDevin FlannerySaoirse Flannery
Neve Flannery

Spoiler: Eamon Flannery show
Played by Belle | Head of the Department of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes | 45 years old | James Purefoy

As the eldest of such a large clan, Eamon naturally fell into a position of authority within the family. Fair, balanced and calm, he thrives in the centre of chaos. He has done his best to steer his siblings through all of the tragedies that their family has suffered, and is considered the rock.

Eamon is married to a woman he loved as a young man but who, as he ages, he has become more indifferent towards. They have two children, Lily and Brennan. Though his feelings for his wife are lukewarm, he loves his children intensely, and maintains the family unit for their sake.

Despite his upstanding reputation, Eamon has a dark secret. Whilst he was at Hogwarts, he and some friends got drunk and tried the powerful wizarding hallucinogen known as Blackbane. He has no idea what happened for the duration of the drug's effect; all he remembers is waking up in the forest and discovering that one of the group had been partially dismembered and burned. Fearing expulsion and imprisonment, Eamon bullied the other three into a pledge of silence, and they buried the body deep within the forest in an unmarked grave. The investigation into the student's disappearance turned up no evidence, and to this day, their family has no idea what happened to them. Of those remaining, one killed herself several years after the event, another died during the war, and the last vanished without a trace two years ago.

Spoiler: Mairead Flannery show
Played by Niky | Assistant Department of Mysteries Head | 40 years old | Rhona Mitra

Of all the Flannery children, Mairead was the youngest to manifest her powers, indicating her future abilities. Her appetite for knowledge was voracious, and she was forever after her father to teach her more and more about magical theory. An obvious shoo-in for Ravenclaw, she gained top grades in her classes and went on to become an Unspeakable.

Though she was married for several years, she never had children, and her husband - a Senior Witch Watcher - was killed in the war when his cover was blown during an op. It was later revealed that he was having an affair with a junior member of his department, and she was responsible for outing him to the Death Eaters after they fought over his refusal to leave Mairead for her.

Mairead is a high-functioning alcoholic, and has been for almost a decade. The only person who knows is her sister Kiera, and she has been sworn to secrecy.

Spoiler: Bridget Flannery show
Played by Belle | Knight of Walpurgis | 38 years old | Gemma Arterton

High-achieving, ambitious and brave, Sloane (who has gone by her middle name since she was young) was on track to be a great Auror until her ignoble ending at the hands of Matthis Grimsbane. In the face of insurmountable evidence against her, she was convicted of aiding the Knights and sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban.

Upon her rescue by Gregor Bishop, she switched sides without a second thought. Despite her affiliations, Sloane maintains a sense of mercy and doesn't condone unnecessary killing. She is completely alienated from her family, though she keeps her eye on the newspapers for word of them.

Spoiler: Kiera Flannery show
Played by Venox | Teacher | 37 years old | Lauren Cohan.

When they were young, Sloane and Kiera were very close, and the younger sister followed her siblings to the Ministry. Her malleable personality and wickedly sharp mind made her a natural Witch Watcher, a job that she loved and was extremely good at, well on track for promotion.

Until Sloane's defection. Her dwindling appetite for law enforcement combined with her fear that she would one day find herself facing her sister on opposite sides cut short her promising career. She left the country, taking a year to travel, communicating in sporadic updates with her eldest sister, Mairead.

Kiera came back from her trip with no desire to resume her fast-paced life. She retrained in teaching and took a post at Frogwurst Prep. It was only a few years after that the war began. Her involvement in it was minimal until the winter of 1997 when she was supervising a field trip with her niece Neve's class. They were ambushed by werewolves in service of Fenrir Greyback and her fellow teacher and five students were killed. Kiera was severely injured defending her charges and spent several months in St Mungo's recuperating.

Spoiler: Sullivan Flannery show
Played by Niky | Senior Investigator | 34 years old | Xavier Samuel.

Highly intelligent, logical and perceptive, Sully is the quintessential Investigator. He thrives on intellectual challenges, though is notable among his colleagues for his down-to-earth personality and easy, joking manner. He is the perfect foil to his more suspicious and neurotic best friend, Kieran West, and they have been inseparable since their first year at Hogwarts.

If Sully has one glaring flaw, it is his blind spot where women are concerned. He married his high school sweetheart upon their graduation from Hogwarts, and she had Neve when they were twenty. A year later, Sully divorced her when he discovered she'd been cheating on him with half the Ministry during their three-year marriage. He remains uncertain whether Neve is actually his or not, but refuses to take the test.

Note: Sully is an animagus, and his form is a grizzly bear.

Spoiler: Magnus Flannery show
Played by Niky | Former Cursebreaker | 33 years old | Chris Wood

Magnus was the angriest of the Flannery siblings, forever in some fight or another. He thrived on adventure and had no desire to fulfil the family tradition of working for the Ministry. The life of a Cursebreaker offered him the challenge he desired, and he was extremely good at it, despite the number of near-misses he had.

His death has never fully been explained by his superiors. It occurred just after the war, an occurrence in a far-flung Incan ruin in deepest Bolivia that returned only his severed head. The Flannerys spent years leveraging all their power to try and discover what happened to him, to no avail. He was buried in the family vault.

Spoiler: Roisin Flannery show
Played by Claira | Thief | 29 years old | Felicity Jones

Despite her outward sweetness, Roisin has always been a troublemaker. It started from her earliest years when she was constantly getting one over on her siblings, and only got worse once she went to Hogwarts and met Fifi Bellerose and Alexei Ohanian who quickly became her best friends. They weathered many storms together - the death of Fifi's family, Roisin's pregnancy at fifteen and subsequent abortion, graduating without the faintest hint of direction, the war - and Fifi managed to convince her into the unlawful life. Roisin's day job is as a secretary in the Ministry, but she, Fifi, and Alexei have been responsible for some of the wizarding and muggle world's biggest heists.

Spoiler: Niall Flannery show
Played by Mac | Drummer - Unprotected Hex| 28 years old | Hunter Parrish

When he left Hogwarts, Niall went into banking, rising quickly through the ranks at Gringotts. He was ambitious and driven, trading off his name more often than not, and an arrogant prick for the duration of it.

After the death of his brother, Magnus, with whom he was very close, Niall fell into a deep depression. He was let go from his job after it was discovered he'd been embezzling thousands of Galleons from Gringotts to feed his drug addiction - only evading imprisonment when his parents paid off the bank to avoid it. Adrift and ashamed, he ended up in a grubby bedsit, barely able to support himself - until he eventually met Jessa Parish who offered him a lifeline. He'd been a keen musician during his younger years, but it had fallen by the wayside until she suggested he fill in whilst they looked for a drummer. Tasked with some kind of direction, he slowly began to recover, and he was made a full member of the band a few months ago.

Spoiler: Sorcha Flannery show
Played by twu | Auror | 26 years old | Esther Heesch

Though exceptionally close, the twins were very different girls. Whereas Honora was brave and reckless, Sorcha has always been more cautious, thoughtful and introverted. Upon graduating, she began training as a mediwitch with a view to becoming a healer eventually. But then her twin was captured and experimented on, and suddenly it didn't seem like enough. Furious, guilt-wracked and lost, Sorcha switched to the Auror training program. Coming into it so much later than most, she was the eldest of the trainees and not a natural fit for the division - but there's nothing Sorcha can't do when she puts her mind to it.

Spoiler: Honora Flannery show
Played by Belle | Former Patrol Officer | 26 years old | Imogen Poots

Bouncy and high-spirited, Honora was always the more outgoing of the Flannery twins. A former Gryffindor, what she lacked in caution, she more than made up for in sheer devil-may-care nerve. Whilst Sorcha spent her time studying, Honora was more likely to be found in the centre of some prank in progress, and that was reflected in her grades. Though she was intelligent enough, her performance at Hogwarts was below par for her original goal of becoming a Hitwizard, so she ended up as a Patrol Officer instead, a job which suited her well.

Just over a year ago, responding to a callout to a break-in at a shop in Knockturn Alley, Honora and her partner were ambushed by a deeply disturbed wizard who took them hostage and used them as subjects in his dark arts experiments over a number of weeks. Her partner eventually succumbed to his injuries, but Honora survived to be rescued by a team from the Ministry. Unfortunately, the magic used on her in combination with her ordeal had broken her mind.

She lives at home with her parents and is cared for on a full-time basis by medical staff. Most of the time she stares off into space and is non-responsive, rarely recognising the people around her. Occasionally she will have violent fits, or else starts talking what seems to be nonsense - though there is increasing evidence that she may be developing seer powers.

Spoiler: Devin Flannery - Available show
Available | Actor | 23 years old | Douglas Booth

Still at Hogwarts during the final battle of the second war, Devin witnessed the deaths of many of his friends and classmates, including his two best friends and his girlfriend. Deeply traumatised, he abandoned his studies and returned to live with his parents for several years. During that time, he embraced muggle cinema, using movies as a form of escape from his incessant dark thoughts. Eventually, he began to re-enter society and was accepted to study acting at WADA, going on to star in The Wise and the Wandless, a trashy wizarding soap opera. He still suffers the symptoms of PTSD and is generally coddled by his family.

Spoiler: Saoirse Flannery show
Played by Niky | Beastmaster | 21 years old | Adelaide Kane

Saoirse was born nine months after Eamon's wedding to his rich, well-respected, pureblooded wife. She was the illegitimate result of his dalliance with his wife's muggleborn step-sister and bridesmaid, and when he discovered her pregnancy, he paid her to give up the baby and never speak of it again. A secret between Eamon and his parents, they faked Moira's pregnancy and passed Saoirse off as theirs. Saoirse's birth mother passed away under suspicious circumstances several months later.

Spoiler: Neve Flannery show
Played by twu | Student | 14 years old | Georgie Henley.

The centre of a custody battle between her divorced parents, Neve's life has suffered much upheaval. Her father, Sully, was eventually granted full custody when Neve was six, and she went to live with him, seeing her mother less and less as the years passed. When she was eight, her class was ambushed by some of Fenrir Greyback's minions on their way back from a field trip after sunset. One of the two teachers was killed in addition to five of her classmates, and Neve was turned in the process. Her aunt, Kiera, managed to save the remaining children.

When she was twelve, Neve was captured by Snatchers working for Eliza Crow, who was experimenting on werewolves. Due to her young age, Eliza decided to modify Neve's memories to make her believe that her parents had been killed several years ago and that Eliza herself was her guardian, and though Neve only spent a few months in her care in reality,
the two formed a bond which persisted even after Neve was rescued and the truth revealed.

Note: Please coordinate with twu regarding Neve and Eliza's history, and VeNox for getting involved with the upcoming Fangthorn Heist plot!

Notes: PBs, jobs and backstories are flexible to a certain degree - if you want to make any major changes, let's discuss!

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Re: Luck of the Irish: The Flannery Family Trainwreck

Postby Belle » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:22 pm

Bumping this for Niall and Devin! Come be part of the biggest, most dysfunctional onsite family :D
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Re: Luck of the Irish: The Flannery Family Trainwreck

Postby Mac » Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:17 pm

Your bump was effective!!

May I ask for Niall?
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Re: Luck of the Irish: The Flannery Family Trainwreck

Postby Belle » Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:26 pm

omg YES, i'll reserve him for you! <333
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Re: Luck of the Irish: The Flannery Family Trainwreck

Postby Belle » Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:54 am

Bumping for Neve, needed for a boardwide plot!!
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