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Family Means No One Gets Left Behind

Request a specific character to be made.

Family Means No One Gets Left Behind

Postby Niky » Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:01 pm

Meet Tiana Nieves, a witch watcher with a complicated family life. She has three full siblings, as well as a handful of half-siblings due to her father's indiscretions, along with a lot of cousins. This request is for her full siblings!

28 Years Old - Undesirable - PB: Maria Valverdes

Alina went over to the other side young, though none of her siblings knew it. She was close with her cousins and their opinions about purebloods vs. muggles and muggleborns lined up very nicely with her own. She joined the Spanish wizarding government as a werewolf hunter*, and then proceeded to play both sides until Voldemort returned and she could make her allegiance public.

*May or may not be a werewolf herself
Alina Nieves

23 Years Old - Wizengamot Clerk - PB: Maxi Iglesias - TAKEN BY BELLE

Maceo is his father's only son and as such has had an enormous amount of pressure put on him from an early age. His father never stopped grooming him to be the man of the family, and he feels a deep sense of responsibility to his sisters - even Alina. Despite that, he struggles with his relationship with his father, and when he had the opportunity to work in London instead of staying in Spain, he took it, not just to be closer to Tiana but to get some space from his overbearing father.
Maceo Nieves

20 - Unmentionable - PB: Ursula Corbero

Mariah always felt somewhat overlooked in her family. Despite the difference in ages, however, she was always closest to Alina. Her sister's betrayal may have stung the others, but it wounded Mariah deeply. She was still at Beauxbatons when it happened, and it made her reckless and angry. Her grades slipped and it almost seemed like she wouldn't graduate, but her father pulled some strings to get her back on track. She did graduate, but a year later than her peers.

She had no plans on migrating to Britain like her siblings, but being the smart and curious girl that she was, she couldn't turn down the offer of a position with the Department of Mysteries, and so in the end, she did go. She still talks to her parents often, having the best relationship with them out of all the siblings, and there is some speculation that she is also still in contact with Alina.
Mariah Nieves
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Re: Family Means No One Gets Left Behind

Postby Belle » Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:24 pm

Maceo pls :333 just look at that face.
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