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The Bishop Family (and Frands)

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The Bishop Family (and Frands)

Postby twufoo » Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:21 am

This is the family tree. If anyone is interested in picking up one of these, please read the article on the Knights of Walpurgis for more background information.


Spoiler: expanded family info show
    The First Wizarding War was soon to begin when Gregor, only sixteen, met Kyra Sarantos while carrying out a mission for the Knights of Walpurgis in Romania. She was older than him by three years, self-possessed, refined, the second born and only daughter in a long, revered line of Greek purebloods. Tall and athletic with dusky blonde hair, she was slightly taller than him as he had not yet finished growing. She was, by all accounts, completely out of his league.

    It wasn’t until three years later that they began their affair. Within a few months, they wed. Within a year, she was pregnant.

    Kyra was a strong and self-sufficient woman, a fighter at heart whose mere presence commanded respect. She was a harsh woman who knew that Gregor had war in his blood, and she loved it in him. Like Gregor, she believed that she deserved only the best, and he, in turn, loved to spoil her. Though they fought fiercely with each other at times, he was faithful to her up until her death.

    Kyra loved being a mother and did the bulk of the child rearing in the family. While Gregor was originally a Knight of Walpurgis, he ended up joining Voldemort’s group of loyal followers several years into the First Wizarding War. Due to his activities, he was often absent from his children’s lives, though he took great interest in them whenever he was at home.

    Gregor was strict as a father and responded immediately to any signs of misbehavior, often before they even happened. He rarely lost his cool, and never punished his children out of anger. He always explained that he didn't want to punish them, but that he had to as a regretful consequence of their actions. Though his discipline could be severe at times, such instances were rare. His children knew well the limits of his patience, and he allowed them some measure of autonomy. Even if they were doing something stupid and dangerous, he only warned them once of the danger and let them decide if they would continue. Broken bones and other injuries were how children learned. Kyra was far more protective, on the other hand.

    Gregor could be extremely caring and generous as a father. Though not effusive, he showed his devotion by participating in activities together, teaching them, and giving them gifts both practical and wondrous. He saw himself as the provider, protector, and mentor of the family. He enjoyed reading stories to his children, particularly fables and myths of a somewhat darker bent. The ability to hunt and kill was important to him, as well as the ability to defend oneself. He had a great intellectual interest in the natural world that stemmed from a practical purpose--that those who were ignorant of their environment were at its mercy--and he would often point out the names and characteristics of different plants, animals, and rock formations while out with his children. To this end, he also made sure that his children were at least somewhat familiar with muggle world, especially with their weaponry and their military history.

    Following the defeat in the First Wizarding War, their family fled east and disappeared into Hollow World.. There, he and his allies spent over a decade fortifying and expanding the Hollows and building alliances beyond the iron curtain, most notably in Romania. Later on, the fall of the Soviet Union marked the beginning of a tumultuous time for muggles, and the Knights of Walpurgis became more involved in their affairs. Gregor was heavily involved in the Romanian Revolution and protecting magical populations from the turmoil of the Bosnian War, the latter of which served as a harrowing reminder of the depravity of muggles. Gregor did not shield his children from the knowledge of what it meant to be at war.

    In 1995, the family went to Greece to visit Kyra's ailing mother. Ministry agents were expecting them and had set up a trap. It was a bloody battle, and both Kyra and their seven year old daughter, Helena, were killed in the fight. By the end of it, the entire Ministry team had been decimated.

    Gregor changed after their deaths, becoming more harsh and withdrawn. During the Second Wizarding War, he lost another son, and though his family did not see it directly, the atrocities he committed afterwards would outweigh those of his first war.

Deceased Members
Kyra Bishop (mother) - Would be 51 y/o now, killed in 1995 - Played by Niky
Helena Bishop - Would be 14 y/o now, killed in 1995
Levi Bishop - Would be 23 y/o now, killed in 1997

Note: All character names, playbys, and description blurbs are flexible, just run them by me first. For names, I was going with a Greek & Biblical theme, but almost anything works. For coloration, the kids should be anywhere from medium brunette to blonde, with dirty blonde hair being ideal.

Gregor Bishop
Filled by twu - profile

Patriarch of the Bishop family, Gregor has been an influential leader within the Knights of Walpurgis since the end of the Second War. With the events of the jailbreak, he has become the most prominent leader within the organization. To those who follow him, he offers a sense of purpose, belonging, and is both generous and protective of those loyal to him like a shepherd to his flock. He truly believes their work is for the greater good of wizardkind, and his wrath is terrible for those who betray himself of their common cause.

Selah Bishop
Filled by Stefany - profile

27 y/o. Selah is the eldest child of the family and a good, dutiful daughter. She has a strategic mind, is good with logistics and organization. Within the Knights of Walpurgis, she trained underneath one of the older architects of the Hollows and has since become a major architect in designing the layout, magical encryption, and security wards of the Hollows. She often works within the inner circles of the Knights to plan and set up strategic entrances to the Hollows and get rid of or reinforce security liabilities.

Natalie Dormer

Abram Bishop
Filled by Venox - profile

Approx 25-26 y/o. The eldest Bishop son, probably a natural leader and white sheep of the family, seen as the person most likely to eventually take Gregor's place.

PB: Jamie Campbell Bower

Roman Bishop
Filled by Belle - profile

19-21 y/o. Middle child, now living in the shadow of Abram and his dead brother.

PB: Evan Peters

Cosmina Bishop
Reserved for Liz

14-17 y/o. Cosmina never had the stomach for death or war, but it found her nonetheless. Softer at heart than her siblings and the rest of her family, a life of growing up under the care of Gregor--with lessons in hunting, killing animals, viewing pensieve memories of war crimes to understand why some people must be killed--has forced her to build walls around her truer nature. At this stage, she hides her softness well, but it still resides inside her--a seed of doubt waiting to take root within her heart.

Suggested PB:
Madisyn Ritland

Spoiler: other possibilities show
Hedvig Palm

Cyrus Bishop
Open. Contact twu if interested

Approx. 12 y/o. The baby of the family, Cyrus was extremely close to Kyra and Helena, and he was deeply affected when they were both killed in front of him. He became sullen and withdrawn, with recurring nightmares about their death. It has been seven years since their deaths, and he has gotten better in that time. He has just started his schooling at the Scholomance and is ready to turn over a new page in his life.

Suggested PB:
Jean Baptiste Maunier


Elisaveta took up the role of raising her orphaned nephews (and niece?), the Belmonts, when their parents died. Shortly afterward, she lost both her husband and child and later began to run an orphanage to take care of the displaced magical children that Gregor or one of the other Knights had saved. The orphans grew up closely with the Belmonts and with Elisaveta, and they are practically like family.

Elisaveta Bishop (nee Arcos)
Open. Contact twu if interested!

46 y/o. Elisaveta Bishop was married to Gregor's younger brother, Zachariah. Zachariah died near the end of the first wizarding war, leaving Elisaveta widowed and pregnant. She was forced on the run with the remainder of the Bishop family, and soon gave birth to her son, Elijah. When Elijah was about five years old, a conflict with aurors resulted in her getting impaled through the thigh, into her pelvis, and left her with a limp and unable to bear children. During this conflict, Elijah took a bullet in the head, apparently killing him. The Bishops were forced to flee.

Since then, Elisaveta has become a domestic leader. She is hard, but usually not cruel, and resilient. She has turned her sorrow over her losses into grit and determination and runs an orphanage that takes in children displaced by muggle wars, the children of fallen comrades, and sometimes even the enemy's children (provided they are young enough or their memories have been purged). Her orphanage feeds the most promising children into the Scholomance, and many of the children who have grown up under her care have been eager to join the Knights of Walpurgis. When their parents were killed, Elisaveta took in and cared for her nephews/nieces, Dorian, Samson, and Rose.

Ever since Zachariah's death, Gregor has taken it upon himself to take particularly good care of Elisaveta and make sure she wants for nothing, at least as far as material possessions go. There's a possibility of a relationship or some kind of chemistry between them that they haven't acted upon out of propriety for the memory of her husband, but that's something open to change depending on how the RP plays out.

Suggested PB:
Maribel Verdu

I'm open to other suggestions, but Elisaveta should look her age and should be more plain with a side of pretty rather than Hollywood gorgeous.

Open. Unlimited. Contact twu (and possibly Elisaveta's player) if interested!

Pretty much anything goes. They can be children of allies or civilians. Children of enemies might also be taken if they are 5 y/o or under or their memories wiped. Only children with obvious or suspected magical abilities are adopted.

Elijah Bishop (has some other last name now) -
Played by pytech - profile

18 y/o. Elijah Bishop is Elisaveta's child who is presumed dead but was really taken in by... someone? At five years old, he survived taking a bullet to the head in a conflict with aurors and was taken in and healed by them. At his age, the degree of neuroplasticity in his brain was still high and with some therapy he was able to regain most of his abilities though he still suffers from occasional mild hemiplegia of his left side. The rearranging of neurons in his brain has also resulted him developing synesthesia.

What has happened to Elijah since being taken in is up to the player. He could've been raised by the aurors who injured him or given to a foster family. What is known is that his memories were not altered and he still remembers his birth mother and for some reason, perhaps for legal reasons or due to a promise he made to his foster family, he has not begun searching for her until now.


Workers can be other Knights of Walpurgis or civilians that help out in some way. Artificers, Hollow World architects, muscle, or more. Generals have received some level of status and can usually order around lower minions.

Contact twu if interested!

Open. Unlimited. Contact twu if interested!

To give some idea of the connections these characters would have, here are some of the current workers:
Current Generals: Sloane Flannery, Persephone Rowle
Current Minions: Zelene Pips, Heath St. Maur, Ykaterina Azarov, Mikkel Vinther
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Re: The Bishop Family (and Frands)

Postby Stefany » Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:07 pm

.....Selah.... Me want O.O.....
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Re: The Bishop Family (and Frands)

Postby twufoo » Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:07 pm

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