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The Shepard Family

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The Shepard Family

Postby twufoo » Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:11 pm

This a request for Sonya's siblings!

The Shepards are a family made up entirely of orphans raised by Lenora Shepard, a midwife and skilled healer/potioneer who was unable to have her own children due to a traumatic accident late in her teens. Lenora was wholly devoted to her work and raising the orphans and never took a husband. Though she was never married, she wore a promise ring at all times.

The Shepard family lived in a quaint rural village and all the children attended Hogwarts. Their house was often filled with strange scents and concoctions from her potion making as well as multiple women coming and going as her clients. Screaming and blood were not uncommon in the house as some women with complicated pregnancies gave birth there rather than at their own homes. Additionally, once every month after Sonya was taken in, she would be locked in the basement during the full moon, and her transformations were common in the house until she was moved to a reinforced cellar deep in the woods nearby for safety reasons.

Spoiler: Adoption Timeline show
1973 - Hakan adopted
1975 - Dimitry adopted
1980 - Sonya adopted
1981 - Darla adopted

Hakan Shepard Dimitry Shepard
Sonya Shepard Darla Shepard

Spoiler: Hakan Shepard - Open show
Face Claim: Tahmoh Penikett
Age: 33

Hakan is the only Shepard child that is actually related to Lenora. He was born in America, the son of Lenora's brother and a Native American woman. His parents were among the first casualties of the First Wizarding War, killed by Death Eaters that were expanding their influence into America. After their deaths, he traveled to Britain to live with Lenora.

Perhaps in part due to the loneliness of being the only child, Lenora soon adopted another one close to his age, Dimitry. Hakan helped Dimas acclimate to his new environment and the two became very close growing up. Though Hakan was somewhat older, he acted more like a partner in crime with Dimitry than anything else.

Hakan is dutiful with a streak of wildness. He took after Lenora and was deeply fascinated by potions and healing. Following Hogwarts, he entered training to become a healer and worked at the St. Mungo's on site clinic.

During the Second Wizarding War, he worked with an underground clinic that treated wounded muggleborns with Maya Gravel and several other healers. He helped mentor Maya in her healing abilities during this time. He also saw, first hand, the destruction that his younger sisters caused. He still worked for St. Mungo's (under Death Eater control at the time) by day, and during one of his assignments to heal on the battlefield he encountered Sonya and Darla. The exchange that followed was exactly the push that Sonya needed to splinter away from the Werewolf Army.

Spoiler: Dimitry Shepard show
Played by Niky
Face Claim: Raffi Barsoumian
Age: 32

Dimitry (or Dimas) was orphaned as a young boy and adopted by the Shepards. A good-natured and cheerful child, he excelled in his studies and at Quidditch in Hogwarts. Though his enthusiastic and carefree nature made it seem like such things came easily to him, he studied and practiced long hours to achieve his goals, and upon graduation he became a hitwizard. He is still coming to terms with Sonya's actions during the war and is looking into her apparent disappearance.

Spoiler: Sonya Shepard show
Played by twu
Face Claim: Dichen Lachman
Age: 29

Sonya was a strange, quiet girl when she arrived at the Shepard's house at the age of seven. She had recently witnessed werewolves massacring her parents along with many other people at the safehouse she was staying in, and the event left her forever changed--she had been bitten. For her first year at the house, she talked little, keeping mostly to her books and puzzles, and she seemed to look through people with a thousand yard stare. Over the years, she gradually came out of her shell and opened up to her siblings. Instrumental to her change, was when the Shepards adopted another child, Darla. Sonya took to her younger sister instantly, taking care of her, and as she opened up to Darla, she opened up to the rest of the family as well.

A painfully shy student at Hogwarts, during her seventh year she was kicked out of school for killing several other students and turning another while she was in werewolf form. Before she could be sent to Azkaban, the werewolf vigilante group, Cerberus, intercepted and freed her. During the Second War, she worked alongside them with the Werewolf Army and committed multiple murders and other questionable acts before she rebelled against the pack. With the help of several others who had moral objections to the army's methods, she created a splinter group and helped other werewolves trapped in the Werewolf Army escape their influence.

Wanted by both the Death Eaters and the Ministry for her actions during the war, she went into hiding afterwards and has since been captured by Eliza Crow. Her whereabouts are unknown.

Spoiler: Darla Shepard show
Played by Liz
Face Claim: Elodie Yung
Age: 25

Darla was four years old when she was adopted by the Shepards, having been adopted at the end of the First Wizarding War in 1981. Like the other children that came to the Shepards, she was a war orphan, except her parents had been Death Eaters. Though she was too young to truly understand their politics, she learned well enough to hate the Ministry on the day they died. She hid in the attic when a team of aurors and hitwizards came to her house in search of her parents and she witnessed the fight in which her mother was killed, her father incapacitated, tortured like a ragdoll, and finally killed as well.

Darla came to the Shepards a quiet, despondent and angry girl. Her older sister, Sonya, had also witnessed her own parents' deaths, and she took to Darla immediately. The two became extremely close over the years, with Sonya always looking out for Darla.

For a while, it seemed like Darla might live a normal life, fully reintegrated with the society that had once killed her parents. However, after Sonya's arrest in 1989, her anger and distrust were once again rekindled. Having no way to contact Sonya once she was joined Cerberus, Darla found her own way and joined the Werewolf Army instead, voluntarily allowing herself to be turned into a werewolf. She made very close packmates there and was reunited with Sonya after several more years. In the Second War the two worked together and committed multiple murders together as werewolves. When Sonya splintered off from the group, Darla was torn between her loyalties within the Werewolf Army and Sonya. Eventually, she chose the Werewolf Army, but reluctantly so.

After the war, Darla has since joined The Winterfold Pack.
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