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Elliott Winchester (edited and still open!)

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Elliott Winchester (edited and still open!)

Postby Claira » Thu Nov 12, 2015 6:36 pm

Elliott Winchester


Pureblood | 26 (born in 1976) | Former Slytherin | Brendon Urie (non-negotiable and post-2011 preferably pwease :3)

About Elliott.

Elliott Winchester is known to be a very aloof, goofy, charismatic stoner who likes to have a good time and relax with a couple of friends. Can do his job well, whatever it may be, but hates it – finds it booooring. He’s a singing jokester that could charm a lady into bed with a quirky grin.

But what people don’t know is Elliott’s true origins and face – and if they did, he’d be thrown into Azkaban in less than a heartbeat.

Elliott’s parents are Knights of Walpurgis – sleeper agents waiting for the day that their leader calls on them. During his later years at Hogwarts he was trained in the arts of deception, espionage, and sabotage that would get him through those final years and beyond. But during the War Elliott was helping his lady friend, Charlotte Evans, escape from Snatchers when he was bitten by a werewolf. The lycanthrope’s teeth had managed to sink far into his side to infect him and soon enough he too became a werewolf. Seeing what would happen should he register himself was far too much of a risk of losing everything and so he hid his lycanthropy well – buying his wolfsbane potions from known acquaintances that were experienced potioneers and disappearing for the night of the full moon.



Elliott will know a couple of people which you could add to relations later:

Charlotte Evans: Elliott really likes Charlotte, he is actually the true reason why Charlotte and her boyfriend in Hogwarts broke up. They spent a weekend together in Hogsmeade and he found himself attracted, but also found out she had a boyfriend. Which really didn’t matter because Elliot broke them up with the skills he learned during the summertime. Charlotte doesn’t know about this, but Charlotte and him remain close friends even to this day (and more, considering they’re friends with benefits.)

Mariya Azarov: Elliott knows Mariya by visiting her tattoo parlor and getting some work done. After seeing the bite mark that he tried to hide, Mariya bonded with him about lycanthropy. Being an older werewolf and being part of a pack, she almost cares about Elliott in a mother-son kind of way – in her own way of course.


Now this is up to you; you can choose whether or not Elliott registers himself or not, after Shacklebolt repealed the anti-werewolf legislation. Also you can choose whether he still works for the Ministry and still a sleeper agent for K.o.W., if he’s off doing his own thing or even joining the Winterfold Pack under Mariya’s recruitment (because we need more guys, yo!). If you have any questions feel free to contact me, PMing will probably be the most effective way if I don’t get your chat message!
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Re: Elliott Winchester

Postby pytech » Wed Nov 18, 2015 7:19 am

please please please please please please please please please please please please
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