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Mark Ayers

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Mark Ayers

Postby Claira » Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:41 am

Meet Mark Ayers


Muggleborn | Missing Person | in his 40's | PB: Christian Slater



Things to know about Mark:

+ Nazira Ayers is his adopted daughter.
+ He was a former Wimbourne Wasps chaser and after adopting Nazira he became a journalist for the Prophet (specifically the Quidditch/Sports section).
+ Mark was essentially the glue of the family, he mostly cared for Nazira while Amira (his wife) was the breadwinner, he was man behind the woman and kept the peace.
+ Once a paternal man, he was also considerate, very down-to-earth, & judicious.
+ One of the first to go, Mark spent the duration of the war in Azkaban. As a result he showed signs of PTSD, psychosis and dissociative fugue (can be altered, since I only did very light research and it is something I am willing to work on with you, if you are interested). Initially he tried to get better but after his wife left, he felt little need to get better.
+ During the events of the Trial by Fire, Mark Ayers escaped St. Mungo's and with his paperwork conveniently destroyed, the hospital has no record of his stay there. No one knows where he is, not even his daughter.
+ Mark is now a very cynical, coy, and enigmatic man. If he is seen, he is known to be a man true to his word but not in the way most would expect.

* I can definitely budge on the name, because I suck at name so hard (it's literally just a couple changes for me in Naz's bio, nbd <3)


If you guys are interested and have questions, feel free to chat with me!

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