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Trail of Fire Char Requests

Request a specific character to be made.

Trail of Fire Char Requests

Postby twufoo » Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:26 pm


Most of the FCs are flexible, and we can work out any other details or tweaks via PM. For links to relevant characters and information about this plot, check its tracker out.


Spoiler: The Cohen Family show
Eliana and Richard Cohen were a strange match from the beginning - she was an ambitious pureblooded Auror, and he a muggleborn, flaky (but fun) artist who made a living from cartoon strips in the Daily Prophet and the odd contribution to various wizarding comics. Together they had four children: Rachel, Micah, Jonah, and finally Talia (born several years after they'd decided three children was enough >.>).

As the main breadwinner and disciplinarian of the family, Eliana did the majority of the hard work of keeping it functioning, and her death in 1997 at the hands of Callum Bishop*** disintegrated her husband and children completely. Only Rachel had graduated at that point, and was working as an intern at the Ministry, whilst Micah and Jonah were in school and Talia was still too young to attend Hogwarts. The challenge of caring for their three remaining children proved too much for Richard, and barely a few weeks after his wife's funeral, he abandoned them with their maternal grandparents and vanished, taking Eliana's Ministry settlement with him. The Cohen children have never seen or heard from him since.

Life at their grandparents' place was a struggle. Despite being pureblooded, Eliana's mother and father weren't wealthy and their small cottage and humble lifestyle were a huge departure from the comfortable upbringing the four children had experienced. Money was in desperately short supply for the first few years, at least until Rachel moved up the Mysteries ladder and the boys graduated, and Talia has had a much easier time at Hogwarts than either of them did.

*** The identity of their mother's killer remains a mystery to everyone but Rachel and Jonah. There was very little evidence left at the scene and Eliana's body was too badly degraded to yield her attackers' DNA. However, after the Azkaban Jailbreak in December 2001, Rachel was part of the team sent to the prison to bring the shielding system back online after it was compromised by Tomas Vega, and whilst she was there, she found notes taken by Elin Blake in her meeting with Callum Bishop about Eliana's murder. Not trusting the Ministry to handle the case (since they couldn't even keep him in prison in the first place), she stole them and shared them with Jonah, her closest sibling and the only member of the family working in the MLE.

Micah Cohen - TAKEN

Spoiler: details show
suggested FC: Nicholas Hoult
born: 1981

+ hufflepuff
+ head in the clouds
+ bad at taking care of himself/adulting
+ socially awkward
+ has a habit of saying accidentally offensive things

Talia Cohen - TAKEN

Talia is in the same year as Freddy. They were lab partners in potions for a while. It was weird at first, but after a a week or so they started getting along. At least until her friends started teasing her about it. Mortified, she stopped talking to him after that or showing anything that might be interpreted as interest.

Spoiler: details show
Suggested FC: Sarah Hyland
born 1988
class: 1999-2006

+ thinks she's super nice but she's actually kind of...
+ superficial and judgy
+ bubbly
+ gryffindor
+ plays the victim/martyr
+ likes people that bully her a bit (ie: her friends)


I've doubled up my character requests and made their foster family some of the people I listed in Rabble Alliance Requests, so these characters will have extra connections to play around with.

Reggie Malone - TAKEN

Their current foster parent is an old veteran with a long combat history, a prosthetic leg, and his own kids have grown up and left the house. Given Reggie's long history, he has probably had a few person run-ins with the Bishops and is eager to settle some scores with them.

Reggie generally lets the kids run about if they want to, though he has a few rules in the house that he's militaristically strict about (cleaning up after yourself, addressing others with respect). He probably has some way to keep tabs on where they are, and there's probably some kind of Trace-like spell on them or something they carry that sends out an alert if they leave the country. He knows a lot more about what type of shenanigans Freddy gets into than he lets on, but generally doesn't let on that he knows so that he doesn't make him suspicious.

In terms of bonding, most of it is probably at the dinner table, where Reggie insists everyone sit down to eat together when they are all home for dinner. He generally does not pry and tends to do activities together rather than talk about feelings or what not. These activities are usually sports, automotive, and gun-related things. Typical dude things. Would definitely give the kids an illegal taser and figure that if they hurt themselves with it... well... that's how they learn.

Spoiler: Details from Rabble Alliance show
born: 1943, approx 60 years old
Suggested FC: Stephen Lang

Reggie was a muggleborn wizard who grew up in an American military family. He did multiple tours in Vietnam, befriending Marion Dangerfield during that time. Afterwards, he joined the MACUSA's military branch and was sent to the UK to aid in First Wizarding War, fighting for a cause that he actually believed in. During the First Wizarding War, he met Judith Sparks, and the two became close friends over the years. He met up again with Marion Dangerfield and worked together during the war. In 1980, he lost one of his legs during the fighting and was forced out of the war and into rehabilitation.

Vietnam tours: 1967, 1970
First Wizarding War: 1970-1980


Reggie has two children from two different women. Both are grown and out of the house now, though they visit occasionally. Freddy and Phoebe stay in their old rooms.

Reggie had a secret affair with a married pureblooded woman, who gave birth to his son in 1972 and passed it off as her husband's. His affair with her flared and sputtered out, dying within a couple years as the secrecy and their worlds tore them apart. The son was raised as a proper pureblood, in wealth and privilege. It wasn't until the end of the war in 1981 when the husband discovered his wife's treachery and forced the bastard child out of the house. He had never really liked him anyway. Within another year, she died under "mysterious" circumstances.

At the start of the war, Reggie fell hard in love with a pureblooded woman, Isolde Flannery, who gave birth to their son in 1972. When they came out of her parents, who always gave good lip service to muggle tolerance, the reaction was not at all what they had expected. They were absolutely appalled and tried to convince her to abort the baby. She refused, and when her brother, who had bought more fully into the pureblooded ideology, found out, he attacked and killed her. They only barely managed to save the baby.

Heartbroken, unable to bear looking at the child, Reggie left the baby with the Isolde's father, who promised to take care of him. Unfortunately, her mother considered the bastard child a mark of shame on their family, and after the father died eight years later, she sent him back to Reggie.

Years passed, and though Reggie never fell in love again, he did have multiple affairs. Eventually, one of them resulted in another baby. He married the woman, Meredith, not out of love but out of duty and they gradually learned to live together afterwards. And though he may have never truly loved her, he got about as close to it as he could get. Meredith died shortly before the Second War began.

Peggy Malone - TAKEN

One of Shazad's BFFs from the Rabble Alliance Requests.

Spoiler: details show
suggested FC: Alia Shawkat

born: 1977, Meredith's child
graduated: 1995

+ attended Hogwarts, Hufflepuff (hat stall between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor)
+ halfblooded
+ has a scary dad, Reggie Malone, who taught her how to fight and defend herself
+ wily, bold, unconventional
+ the unofficial "mom"/"big sister" of her circle of friends
+ gets shit done

Dillon Flannery - TAKEN

Reggie's first son & Isolde's child. Also dated Rachel for a while, from this story.

Spoiler: details show
suggested FC: Jackson Rathbone

born: 1972
graduated: 1990

+ attended Hogwarts, Slytherin
+ kind of a chad
+ selfish, insensitive to others
+ arrogant
+ resents not being fully pureblood
+ wizard lawyer/banker/day trader type, with gringotts or private corp. (not Ministry).
+ social climber, highly ambitious
+ probably kept his head down during the war and/or tried to cozy up to the new regime

MISC CONNECTION: The First Foster Family

Initially, Freddy and Phoebe were put into the protective custody of an auror--a widow whose husband had died while fighting the Knights of Walpurgis, and she harbored a deep resentment for the Bishop family. Though she got along with Phoebe and found it easy to dote on the little girl, she was often at odds with Freddy. Their arguments would often escalate into fights, and those fights would turn into her use of magic to subdue him. He resented her greatly for this.

This character can be someone's sister or mother. If mother, then the character should be at least 18 years old and would have been away at Hogwarts when their mother was killed.
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