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Graham, Richard

Graham, Richard

Postby Richard Graham » Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:48 pm

Richard Anthony Graham
Player: yena
Play By: Ian Somerhalder
Canon: No

Job Location: Ministry of Magic
Department or Store: Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Job Title: Hitwizard

5' 9"
15 August 1967

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 [lbox=HEIGHT]5' 9"[/lbox][lbox=MAGICAL STATUS]Halfblood [/lbox][lbox=DATE of BIRTH]15 August 1967[/lbox]

Magical Details

    Wand: Hawthorn, 12 inches, phoenix feather
    Race/Special Abilities: none


      HOGWARTS, Gryffindor , 1978 - 1985


      Richard Anthony Graham grew up in a household, where he pretty much had free reign over his time. He was born as the third son and fourth child of Mr. and Mrs. Graham, in St. Mungo's Hospital in London. The Grahams have amassed some influence, particularly in the muggle word, and also have great wealth. Therefore, Rick never wanted for anything, one might think. He did live in a great mansion, had siblings, and thus technically shouldn't be lonely.

      However, his mother died during his early childhood years, and he doesn't remember her at all. His siblings were much older than himself as well, and by the time he wanted for company, they all were sent to Hogwarts, without him. After the death of his mother, he didn't even get to spend a lot of time with his father either, who didn't find use for him, since he was the third son. His father was a workaholic, who focused on the firstborn son, in order to concentrate on the legacy of the Graham name. Richard, however, barely saw his father, except when his father felt that Richard should be scolded. Of course, as a child Rick then understood that he had to create trouble, in order for his father to spend some time with him. This probably was one of the catalysts that mark Rick's character. The lack of attention that he felt at home, apart from having the luxury of ordering the house elves, was something he felt keenly, especially since he at times felt like an only child, without actually being one, as he still was treated just like a third son.

      Once Rick finally arrived at Hogwarts, his eldest brother had graduated the summer before. At that time, the wizarding world wasn't really safe, but Hogwarts still seemed to be the best choice of a safe location for children. Not surprisingly, Rick was sorted into Gryffindor house, just like his eldest brother James. On the other hand, the professors didn't really think that Rick was like his brother, as the new Gryffindor liked to play pranks and create trouble. And although they quickly discovered that Rick was highly intelligent, he rarely spent his time in the library, instead choosing to waste time with childish antics. Rick never studied much, but still managed to attain excellent grades. Some letters were sent to Mr. Graham to inform him of his son's latest mischief. Since Rick didn't fail any subjects or had an abysmal academic performance, Mr. Graham didn't really react as he got used to his son's errant ways.

      Rick actually liked to play pranks on people, as he didn't like the depressive mood that hung around the corridors of Hogwarts due to the many deaths of war. He also didn't care about blood status, something he wasn't shy to brag about, he actually was a popular Gryffindor guy, as he didn't care much about politics. As the third son he never really bothered to make alliances with other influential people, he just was used to the silver spoon in his household and was as carefree as one could be as a teenager during the war years.

      The somber mood quickly vanished, as the First Wizarding War ended the summer before he attended his third year in Hogwarts. Rick had a lot of friends, although no close friends, during his time at Hogwarts. He was also quite a ladies' man, as he knew how to have fun, and he was the life of every party. He really didn't discriminate anyone, and when he made fun of people, it was all in good nature. After he discovered his first taste of Firewhiskey during his Hogsmeade days, he didn't let himself forget the taste of the beverage. A few times in his early years, he even didn't remember half the night after he had finished a bottle of Firewhiskey. His 'friends' didn't notice that, or at least they weren't worried, as long as Rick would buy the first two or three rounds when they all went out. Even though Rick seems like a social person, which he is, he doesn't trust anybody, and has no confidante.

      He doesn't even really believe in his own family, since he thinks that every member of his family is egoistic and screwed up. Although he does strive for his father's impossible approval, but he always ends up doing the exact opposite of what his father wants, since he quickly loses patience and believes that the approval will never be awarded upon him anyway. Regarding his father and the old man's expectations, Rick's mood change rapidly, which explains his erratic character. Sometimes he does hate his own brother, the perfect Graham and the heir, since his father mostly pays attention to the oldest child, and because Rick feels invisible when being compared to James.
      On the other hand he feels like his elder brother is probably the one person who understands him the most, as all other people don't really know much about Rick, apart from the fact that he loves to have fun, a drink, and really likes a good time with a girl. He was also part of the Gryffindor Quidditch team as a chaser, although he wasn't the best chaser during the tryouts. He was friends with the captain, though, and he liked his status as a Quidditch player, which made being popular with girls even easier, something he wholeheartedly approved of.

      For some reason Rick ended up in the Magical Law Enforcement department as a hitwizard, again following his brother's footsteps. A year after he had graduated from Hogwarts, he had traveled around the world, doing nothing, but surf at the beach, live in the wild jungle, or climb mountains for a couple of years. His father of course had disapproved, and ultimately managed to drag Rick back to the UK like an errant child. Rick then was told to get a job in the ministry and the Gryffindor figured that he might as well join as a hitwizard, and being employed under his brother sometimes also gave him perks, such as making fun of him or being late for sessions. Other people look at him and wonder how he keeps his job, not because he's stupid or bad at it, but because he really doesn't care much about working and has no real high ambitions. The Ex-Gryffindor doesn't take much seriously, but at least he was talented with his wand and really good with offensive spells, something that always got him out of a bad situation. A decade later, and Rick was still the same person, even though he physically matured, he didn't change much. Some of his friends got older and they lost contact with him, since Rick wasn't really the type of person that they could emphasize with: they married, had children et cetera, but Rick remained steadfast, the eternal bachelor and fun-loving guy.

      During the Second Wizarding War, Rick spent much of his time either in the field, or in the pubs or gambling dens. After the war ended, he continued wasting a lot of time with gambling, which would cause him many problems, if he didn't pay up his losses. He never learnt to use money sparingly, as he always was used to the best, and he continues to rely on his father's good graces as well. Consequentially, Rick seems pretty irresponsible and reckless for a man of his age, something that frustrates a lot of people who encounter him and have to deal with him.


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Re: Graham, Richard

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