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Weasley, Percy (yena)

Weasley, Percy (yena)

Postby Percy Weasley [yena] » Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:32 pm

Percy Ignatius Weasley
Player: yena
Play By: Eddie Redmayne
Canon: Yes

Job Location: Ministry of Magic
Department or Store: Administration Department
Job Title:Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic

5' 11"
22 Aug 1976

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 [lbox=HEIGHT]5' 11"[/lbox][lbox=MAGICAL STATUS]Pureblood[/lbox][lbox=DATE of BIRTH]22 Aug 1976[/lbox]

Magical Details

    Wand: Pine, 13”, dragon heartstring
    Race/Special Abilities: none

    For Animagi, Metamorphmagi, & Werewolves :
    Would this character be registered in the Magical Status Registry? NA


    SCHOOL NAME, Gryffindor, 1987 – 1994


    The middle child of Mr. and Mrs. Weasley was born as Percy Ignatius Weasley. As he grew up, he did feel pretty lonely, even though he was born into a family of seven children in total. His two older brothers never really spent much time with him, since they were older, and thus didn’t want to associate with the younger Percy. The next set of children were the twins, who actually ‘found each other’ in the womb of their mother. By the time Ronald and Ginevra Weasley were born, Percy didn’t desire more siblings, anyway.

    His childhood, thus, was occupied with books and studying. He didn’t take part in what would become the family’s main hobby, Quidditch. He wasn’t sporty at all, actually, although he was an avid Quidditch supporter. Consequentially, he was a loner, despite coming from a large family, as he never had a confidante within his family members.

    It was surprising that Percy adhered to the ‘family tradition’ of being sorted into Gryffindor. Percy discovered that he didn’t like being dismissed, now that everybody could ‘classify’ him with a look. They would all see that he was a Weasley, and like any Weasley he was a Gryffindor and also poor. Percy was very ambitious as he felt like he had to prove himself and that he wasn’t just a Weasley, he was more (he wanted his own identity, beyond of being a Weasley), he knew he was destined for better. Also, he never felt satisfield with the status quo. Percy Weasley dreamt of bigger things, and he felt limited by his family situation and the fact that seven children and only his father working didn’t work out well for their family wealth at all.

    Percy sought to improve his own situation, and by the way he became a prefect and also was able to show a stellar academic performance. All things that would look great on his curriculum vitae and things that served as an entrance to an illustrious career in the Ministry.

    Despite what he could offer to the Ministry (his perfect OWL & NEWT – score, his extracurricular activities, his prefect status), he instantly noticed that people in the Ministry didn’t think much of him due to his family. His father was known as being the opposite of ambitious. It was something that worked against him, despite Percy’s hardworking attitude.

    First, he was an intern at the Department of International Magical Cooperation (he liked rubbing elbows with influential people, and this was a good place to start at), and then despite being promoted quickly to being the personal assistant of the Head of International Magical Cooperation, Bartemius Crouch, he was apparently not a noticeable character as his boss repeatedly called him Weatherby.

    Therefore, he was overjoyed when his excellent work was acknowledged by being promoted to work as a Junior Assistant to Minister Cornelius Fudge. However, despite his expectations of congratulations, he was faced with scorn and anger by his father and family. Percy couldn’t believe this, he had worked hard for this and was recognized by the minister himself, yet his own father wanted him to decline the job. Percy was fed up being treated like a second-class wizard, so he left home and distanced himself from his own family.

    Of course, he accepted the job offer and worked again for the ministry. Shockingly, it turned out that Lord Voldemort had actually returned. The Junior Assistant felt ashamed at what he had said to his father, but he couldn’t take back his words, so he continued working for the new minister, Rufus Scrimgeour. He was excellent at his job, and he loved it.

    When Percy and the ministry couldn’t deny the facts anymore, Percy did the right thing. He was told by Aberforth Dumbledore that the time had come and so Percy apparated into the fight. He was a good duelist and he had lots of incentives for attacking the Death Eaters and defending his family. The thought of a reunion with them, kept him going and fueled the fire for his fight against Pius Thicknesse. No longer did Percy feel like he didn’t belong, as he fought side by side with his brother Fred. However, this didn’t last long as he was witness to his brother’s death, which was traumatic for Percy.

    Following the End of the Second Wizarding War, Percy resolved himself to rebuild the Wizarding World and he resumed his post to the Minister of Magic, because he had spent the large part of his career in this office and had proved himself. Even though he had spent a considerable time of his career under various ministers, who were influenced by the Dark regime, Percy had at last proved his loyalty to the true ministry.


    He wasn’t shy at all. He was bold, he was brave.
    He had lived through a wizarding war (even taken part in a duel or two; and won those) and yet he lived.
    He came from a large family, which proved that he could handle himself during a big family event (those were the worst, as his Aunt Muriel still pinched his cheeks, despite his mature age!)
    He was the Junior Assistant to the Minister and knew how to hold meetings and answer every question anyone asked during those long meetings (thereby continuing to settle the matter of whether or not he was too young for his job, or whether he actually deserved his job, to anyone who doubted him.
    He did deserve it as a matter of fact, thank you very much.)

    Despite all those facts, he was a coward. It had been days, weeks, months. Yet he couldn’t approach her.

    It wasn’t like he had no experience in dating or relationships (he just didn’t like to advertise them anymore, unlike during his Hogwarts days).
    It wasn’t like he didn’t like her.
    No, it was because he liked her.

    Percy Weasley had never felt so sure of anything than this, he did like her. He just didn’t know how to approach her.
    It wasn’t like he had never approached anyone.

    Yet, he felt like this was crucial, and he did not want to appear as a fool, an idiot or a pompous prat. No, what he wanted was to make a great first impression. (They say that first impressions last.)

    The reason why he had not acted yet?
    He had to make a plan, and looking down at his parchment, there was only a single word written down:

    So much for a plan.

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Re: Weasley, Percy

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