[Shop] Mischief Managed!

[Shop] Mischief Managed!

Postby Niky » Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:18 pm


Troll your fellow members by matching them up and creating horrible, awkward scenarios for them. Mash up those characters using the scenario theme in whatever way you can think of. Drop them in a vat of chicken parts, spike their drinks with love potion, or tie them up in a burning house! You are a merciless puppet-master, so make those puppets dance!

Pro-tip: stick to ideas that you don't have to babysit to move along. The situation should naturally force the characters to interact.

If you'd like to add/remove yourself from the victim list, reply here saying so!

Step 1:
Spoiler: choose your victims show
Pick any player to match up with the requester! Or use the following list to roll randomly using the dice roller.

If you roll yourself, then REROLL. The purpose of Mischief Managed is to create threads for other people, not yourself.

  1. twufoo
  2. Belle
  3. Venox
  4. Aluinn
  5. Claira
  6. Stefany
  7. Morgan
  8. JJ
  9. Sander
  10. Mac
  11. Other/Random

Once you have the two players, check out all their characters on the Full Roster. Randomly roll or pick two of their characters.

Code: Select all
[b]PICK ME![/b]  [*] YourOOCName

Step 2:
Spoiler: Roll up a scenario theme and write show
  1. Frustration, Rage, Nausea, or Offense
  2. High Energy, Excitement, Daring, or Adventurousness
  3. Embarrassment, Discomfort, Nervousness, Feeling Conflicted
  4. Fear, Feeling Unsettled, Anxiousness, or Uncertainty
  5. Surprise, Something Unanticipated, Something Startling, or Unpredictability
  6. Happiness, Enthusiasm, Exhilaration, Giddiness
  7. Sensuality, Passion, Romance, Arousal
  8. Stress, Restlessness, Feeling Harassed, Overworked, or Tension

Now, go ahead and write up the thread starter!

Add this code to the beginning of mischief managed threads
Code: Select all
[i][b][color=#00BF80]This thread has been brought to you courtesy of [url=http://theministryrpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=99]Mischief Managed![/url][/color][/b][/i]

Step 3:
Spoiler: reply with code show
Link the players to their new thread via their Social Pages. Then, respond here with this code.

Code: Select all
[center][b]I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.[/b][/center]

[b]Player 1[/b]:
[b]Player 2[/b]:

[b]Link to thread[/b]:

Your reward for this quest will be rolled from the following loot table using a d100.


A random poop
Basilisk Poop - This item can be fed to a PokemonRegular Poop - This item can be fed to a PokemonVegan Poop - This item can be fed to a PokemonUnicorn Poop - This item can be fed to a Pokemon

A random furby
Pinkypuff the Furby Greengoober the Furby The Furby Formerly Known as Purplepoof Furbrick Nietzsche the Nihilst The Furby That Must Not Be Named

Note: All thread victims will have a 20% chance of getting a random poop.

Spoiler: do not read show
Code: Select all
You have earned [b]20 Galleons[/b] from your participation in [url=http://theministryrpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=99]Mischief Managed[/url] thread roulette!

Code: Select all
You have earned a [b]___________[/b] from your participation in [url=http://theministryrpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=99]Mischief Managed[/url] thread roulette!


item codes
Code: Select all
[imgd=Basilisk Poop - This item can be fed to a Pokemon]http://www.theministryrpg.com/images/consumables/basilisk-poop.png[/imgd]
[imgd=Regular Poop - This item can be fed to a Pokemon]http://www.theministryrpg.com/images/consumables/regular-poop.png[/imgd]
[imgd=Vegan Poop - This item can be fed to a Pokemon]http://www.theministryrpg.com/images/consumables/vegan-poop.png[/imgd]
[imgd=Unicorn Poop - This item can be fed to a Pokemon]http://www.theministryrpg.com/images/consumables/unicorn-poop.png[/imgd]

[imgd=Pinkypuff the Furby]http://theministryrpg.com/images/quest/furby-pink.png[/imgd]
[imgd=Greengoober the Furby]http://theministryrpg.com/images/quest/furby-green.png[/imgd] 
[imgd=The Furby Formerly Known as Purplepoof]http://theministryrpg.com/images/quest/furby-purple.png[/imgd]
[imgd=Furbrick Nietzsche the Nihilst]http://theministryrpg.com/images/quest/furby-gray.png[/imgd] 
[imgd=The Furby That Must Not Be Named]http://theministryrpg.com/images/quest/furby-evil.png[/imgd]
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