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Expanded Bestiary - Nargle

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Expanded Bestiary - Nargle

Postby Belle » Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:27 pm

Name: Nargle
Sentience: Sentient
Native Range: Mistletoe
Alternative Names: -
Ministry of Magic Classification: XX
Status: Beast

Slightly larger than a mistletoe berry, covered white fuzz, and capable of more wingbeats per minute than even the smallest hummingbird - as many as 200 by some estimates - nargles are extremely difficult for humans to spot, let alone catch.

Once assumed to be an imaginary creature, the nargle has only come into the public consciousness in the years following the Second Wizarding War. Magizoologists believe that, in fact, nargles have existed for hundreds of years, but were pushed to the point of extinction by the Ministry’s destruction of infested mistletoe in order to avoid nargles showing up in the muggle world. Their resurgence has come about due both to the cessation of aggressive measures against them, as well as the formation of the Ministry’s BUMM department, which releases mistletoe by the crateful during every December, providing a safe haven for nargles to flourish.

Nargles are known to be mischievous thieves who like to steal clothing - especially from those reluctant to kiss under their mistletoe - though what is not commonly known is why. As it turns out, much like pandas in captivity, nargles are at best apathetic about mating and reproducing, and instead consider human and goblin nakedness and sexual interaction as an aphrodisiac. They are the ceiling cats of the wizarding world.

To avoid the theft of their clothing, wizards are advised to keep a talisman of quercus suber - the cork oak - on their person at all times, as nargles are allergic to that particular material and will die instantly if they come into contact with it. However, it is often difficult to distinguish between true cork and the synthetic variety until it is too late. Nargles are noted to be resistant to both wizarding and goblin magic, although house elves may safely dispose of infested mistletoe without suffering sudden disrobing.

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