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Expanded Bestiary - Cold Scale Drake

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Expanded Bestiary - Cold Scale Drake

Postby Niky » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:40 am

Cold Scale Drake

Name: Glacies Draconis
Sentience: Sentient, Moderate Intelligence
Alternate Names: Ice Dragon, Snow Dragon
Ministry Classification: XXX
Status: Dragon

Glacies Draconis in the wild, photo by Lucius Arstepherus.

Glacies Draconis, or the Cold Scale Drake, is a small to medium sized dragon that can be found in areas of extreme cold, places where there is snow all year round. Though it is smaller than other dragons, the Cold Scale Drake is no less deadly, possessing a speed unparalleled in the dragon kingdom, as well as a dexterity that cannot be found in beasts that are generally two or three times its size. Well suited to the cold, the Cold Scale Drake's scales cover a dense layer of coarse fur that is water resistant and incredibly warm. This dragon also has thick pads on the soles of it's feet that are impervious to cold, as well as razor sharp claws that help it dig into the ice as it walks. It's eyes also have a third eyelid, or haw, that protects its eyes from the cold and allows it to see even the smallest of movements, thereby making it particularly dangerous to whatever wild life there is to be found in the snowy wastes that these predators call home.

The Cold Scale Drake possesses a range of devastating weaponry, from it's ice breath that can freeze anything in its tracks in seconds, to it's camouflage - while the drake is still, it blends into the ice and snow around it, so that one cannot see it until it chooses to pounce. Like it's colder blooded counterparts, this dragon has rows of sharp teeth, allowing it to crack the bones of even the hardiest of prey.

If the Cold Scale Drake has a weakness, it is the warmth. These dragons have a very difficult time in other climates, overheating due to their undercoat and lack of other adaptive cooling mechanisms. The heat makes them sluggish, and much easier to handle, though in captivity if they are not kept cold, they will die rather quickly. In addition, the Cold Scale Drake does not reproduce well in captivity, their eggs being rather sensitive to even the slightest elevation in temperature, and so for the most part these creatures are studied in the wild.

Hunting the Cold Scale Drake is dangerous and foolhardy at best, but their teeth and scales are prized in the making of some potions, and their fur can be used to make warm blankets and coats. Because the Cold Scale Drake is also resistant to most forms of magic, it's fur and scales can be used to make clothing (and armor, in the past) that are also magic resistant and therefor highly prized in some circles.

The Cold Scale Drake has a life expectancy of roughly one hundred years, barring incident, but because they are highly territorial, they often kill each other in disputes over hunting grounds. Their mating ritual is also extremely violent and does sometimes result in the death of the male.

Because the Cold Scale Drake is so rare and dangerous, it is considered a protected species.
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