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The Guardians of the Night

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The Guardians of the Night

Postby Niky » Fri Sep 25, 2015 10:06 am

Werewolf Hunters

Werewolves. Scourge of the full moon, terrifying beasts that maim and kill the innocent. As long as there have been werewolves, there have been those who would fight them, those who tried to make things safe for the rest of the wizarding world. They called themselves the Guardians of Night, and they've been around in some incarnation for quite some time now.

Operating out of London, most of the members have "regular jobs." Due to fear of retribution, membership is a closely guarded secret, and every member takes a magical oath not to reveal the names of other members. New members are brought in by invite only. The group's very existence is more rumor than fact, except in the MLE, where they have run into the Guardians (colloquially known as the Dogcatchers) on several occasions.

Because of werewolf bigotry, they have operated mostly freely, though that has been changing over the last couple of years as werewolves are becoming more accepted in polite society.

The group's hierarchy consists of the leader, known as the Chief, a right-hand person, known as the Keeper, and then the rest of the group, known as Hunters or Dogcatchers, or the more general Guardians. Only the Chief and the Keeper know the identities of everyone in the group, the rest of the Hunters generally only know the people that work with them in their immediate area. Though the group is based in London, they have people all over the world. Historically there has also been some infighting in the group, with people disagreeing about different ways of doing things, which has resulted in attempts to form splinter groups. Those attempts are generally unsuccessful, due to the sudden deaths/disappearances of their leaders. Weird. Still, there is political maneuvering and such within the group that can sometimes result in bloodshed/bad blood.

Guardians that are infected during their fights will either kill themselves or be put down by the others. They consider it a mercy killing to keep one of their members from becoming the very monster they are trying to eradicate. Very occasionally a member of the Guardians that has been infected will run off to join their werewolf brethren, and they are considered very high priority targets.

The Guardians don't train their Hunters - they only recruit people that have the necessary skills to become one of them, with some exceptions. If a Guardian feels that someone has potential, they may choose to train that person before submitting their name for consideration. Because werewolves are magic-resistant, Guardians train in combat with a variety of weapons, and most people tend to specialize. A few muggleborns have tried guns, but they don't seem to be super effective for some reason, so most people choose weapons like swords or axes, sometimes crossbows. The Guardians hunt in packs, using different weapons and strategies, and they almost always try to catch a werewolf alone.

The lifespan of a Guardian doesn't tend to be very long, unless they happen to retire before they end up being killed. It's very common for new recruits to die during their first year, so any Guardian that has been one for five years or longer is considered a cut above the rest and afforded respect. At some point, Guardians may elect to stop actively hunting and assist the group in other ways, such as passing along information or healing, though that is looked down upon by most of the others. Retired Guardians will sometimes also assist in this capacity.

Though the landscape has been changing in Britain in regards to werewolf rights, the Guardians consider it a sacred duty to hunt werewolves to extinction and have every intention of doing so, no matter what the law says.
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